Starting A Business in Your 40s: The Best Business to Start

Thinking of starting a business in your 40s?

At over 40 years old, I made a U-turn in life and started my entrepreneurial journey…

My ‘reasons why’ were simple:

  •  Self-fund our impact (now I can do ministry without needing to fundraise)
  •  Create more security for my family in these crazy economic times
  •  Buy back my time, be free to serve and in general do the things I love

After years of searching, and getting ripped off by all sorts of courses and programs that promised to help me…

I finally found an ethical business that’s perfect for Christians.

It started as just a “side-gig”, but now has grown to multiple 7-figures…

Giving me the resources to make a way bigger impact than I ever could’ve dreamed of.

And now my mission is to share this with as many other Believers as possible.

Starting a business in your 40s: Is 40 too old to start a business?

Here’s an embarrassing truth…

I didn’t make my first dollar online until I was well into my 40’s.

These days people peg you for a business “failure” if you don’t have a fleet of lamborghinis by age 25!

(But I was never interested in flashy cars or luxury houses.)

Before that, I spent most of my life never making more than $50k a year.

But at a certain point I realized…

If I wanted to make a bigger impact…

Donate to worthy causes, dedicate more time to my ministries, and make a lasting difference…

…that simply wasn’t going to be enough.

Especially when you consider I had a family to support too.

So, I did something a little unconventional…

Something many people might judge me for because, apparently being poor makes you more righteous…

(Which frankly is ridiculous. If you’re a good steward you can do amazing things with greater resources…)

…I went off and started a business.

Starting a business in your 40s definitely wasn’t easy but after 5 years of hard work, persistence and a few failures too…

I’ve grown what started as a simple marketing idea into a 7-figure business!

With a 12-man (and woman) strong team of employees.

Now I’m even providing others with opportunities to put food on their tables too which is a position I never could’ve pictured myself in.

cory long best business to start at 40

But it’s my reality and I feel nothing but blessed!

So, is 40 too old to start a business? Definitely not.

Is it ever too late to start a business?

The #1 thing that holds people back at the start…

Especially if you’re starting a business in your 40s already…

Is they’re not sure if it’s the “right time” to start a business.

And I get it, I’ve been there…

6 years ago I hit my low point in life.

I had just stepped out of full-time youth ministry, the work I did for 17 years

Had practically nothing in savings, nothing in retirement.

And the clock was ticking to find a new way to provide for my family.

I felt called to the marketplace.

Called to put my talents to use in the world of business.

And I felt that it would be the perfect way to buy back my time.

To be free to serve wherever, and whenever I could…

Without having to accept money from the church in return.

But the problem was…

I was scared!

Fear is probably the BIGGEST roadblock we face.

We drown in “what if” questions.

Getting completely caught up in negative things like fear, anxiety, doubt, trust, or simply not believing in themselves.

And they hold us back from ever making any progress.

But here’s the thing..

We ALL have the ability to succeed!

No matter your age when you got started.

I believe that anyone can succeed in business BUT you have to first get crystal clear on why you’re doing it.

Many people start with the simple “I want to earn more money.”

But why do you want to earn more money?

Do you want the means to give to the needy and help fund good charitable efforts?

Do you want to be able to save more to send your kids to a good college?

Are your finances tight and you want to end the feelings of stress and anxiety?

Do you want to leave a legacy to your children?

building a legacy for your family

If you ask me, I think wanting “more money” just for the sake of having more money is the quickest way to failure in any business venture.

Without a real motivation driving you through all the ups and downs… most people quickly burn out and feel like it isn’t worth the effort.

It’s those with a greater mission: to fund their ministries, to give to those who need it more, to provide more for their families…

These are the people who see success in business as a Christian.

Best Business To Start At 40

The best business to start at 40 is a business that’s not too expensive and would not require years of experience.

This will make it easier for you to start a business, and it will also be less risky.

Much better if it’s a recession-proof business.

Because, now more than ever, people are wondering about what could be the best recession-proof business to start.

With the economy taking a huge hit, a lot of people have felt more uncertain about their futures than ever before…

They saw the economic devastation of the pandemic… many of them lost their jobs. 

But unfortunately… A recession-proof business usually requires a lot of training and expertise. 

You can’t just wake up one day and decide to be a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, etc. 

All of those things take years (and lots of money). 

There’s only 1 thing I’ve found that’s totally recession-proof but does NOT require all that time and money… 

And that thing is building and renting Digital Storefronts

Since Digital Storefronts make money by sending leads to local businesses

And since local businesses need leads more than ever in a recession… 

You’re practically guaranteed to have booming business in any economic conditions. 

In fact, many of our members got their BIGGEST deals during the height of the pandemic! 

Best of all…

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this. 

Get Started Building The Best Recession-Proof Business

Now my mission has become simple:

Share this and get these tools into the hands of as many Believers as possible.

Because with more pure-hearted Christians in the marketplace

We just might be able to bring back integrity and make the kind of differences He put us here for.

But you can’t do that if your resources are capped… and if all your time’s getting locked up in a J-O-B!


So I decided to do something a bit strange…

And write a book!

cory long digital storefronts book starting a business in your 40s

Inside I’m revealing my entire journey, from naive beginner to multiple 7-figures business owner…

The simple marketing business that made it all possible…

And how you can quickly get started doing this too.

And the best part is…

Right now I’m giving away copies at no cost!

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