When Asking “How do I know God’s plan?” Might Just Be An Excuse

“Cory, but how do I know God’s plan?”

“Does God really want me to go into business?”

Well, let me tell you this…

The Kingdom of darkness tries to influence our lives just as much as the Kingdom of God.


Through all sorts of negative thoughts, doubts, feelings and emotions, like…

Hatred, Fear, Chaos, Rage, Condescension, Vengeance, Unforgiveness.

Now, in the theme of business and Digital Storefronts

Fear is probably the BIGGEST roadblock we face.

We’re afraid of failing. Afraid of what our friends & family will think. Afraid of trying something new. Afraid of getting rejected.

And from my experience running the Digital Tentmaking Mentorship Program…

The number one objection I hear from people on the fence about it is:

“I need to pray about it.”

“I need to know if this is God’s plan for me.”

Now, that’s not to say that’s a bad thing! You should pray on it and make sure your decisions are aligned with God.

But what I also like to ask those with this objection is…

What more is there that you need to pray on?

how do I know God's plan

If you have the means to start this (or any) business…

And if you already see how it can give you the means to live a life of freedom and become a better Kingdom builder…

What more do you need to make a decision?

See, sometimes it’s God that’s waiting on YOU to figure out what you wanna do!

He already told you His Plan for you… but you keep on trying to answer if this is God’s plan for you..

I won’t deny that starting a business is tough. It’s scary.

And I know this might sound harsh…

But what I see happen all the time when we’re feeling uncertain or unsure about something…

We submit to the Kingdom of darkness without even realizing it…

We entertain all the negative thoughts by asking “how do I know God’s plan”

By masking our fear with spirituality…

Procrastinating with making the decision and that objection of “I need to pray about it”.

Again, praying on our decisions is something you should always do!

But at what point are we just using it as an excuse to not take a leap of faith?

Sometimes we get caught up in asking God, ‘please make it clear to me, I need to know it is Your plan’

But all the while He’s saying “It’s clear — just go!”

The perfect, crystal-clear decision isn’t going to come down as a ray of light from the clouds.

So what we need to do a better job at understanding, is that He’s given us the authority and the ability to make decisions.

Plus, the Kingdom of darkness WILL tell you to be overly cautious!

And even though that might seem like a good thing at first…

In reality it’s just trying to cover up the influence of FEAR behind it.

Which Kingdom we submit to is up to us.

Fear is always going to be present. Confusion is always going to show up and make us question ourselves.

But we have the power to overcome that evil with good.

He gives us free will, so sometimes we simply have to take control and use it.

As for me, I’ve always believed that God wants to have more Christians in business. That is God’s plan for us.

And here’s proof why…

The other day a friend of mine sent over a link to some ridiculous new sneakers called “satan shoes”.

Yeah.. you read that right. Just when I thought I had seen it all…

I’m not going to share the link because I refuse to send any traffic over to the website.

And to be honest with you here…

I’m kinda at a loss for words.

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that Christianity is on the decline here in the US.

Every day we move closer to being a post-Christian society like so many other countries have already.

But even then… how on earth did we end up here? 

Where using satan and the kingdom of darkness for marketing is not only accepted

But an entire generation deems it “cool”??

It appears like these sneakers are part of some deal with a hip hop or rap musician.

And even though this kind of music isn’t for me…

(That’s an understatement… but you get the idea.)

As an entrepreneur I can’t knock someone trying to make a living doing what they love.

I can’t deny it takes some guts to put yourself out there and give it a go.

But to use the name of satan as a means to get attention, and make a buck or two?

I just can’t support it. That’s where the line gets crossed for me.

And crossed by quite a few miles I might add.

I can only imagine you feel the same.

Now I don’t wanna be all doom and gloom here.

There’s already enough going on in today’s crazy world that’ll take care of that for us.

It’s more important now than ever before that we’re out spreading His word in every way we can.

Through charity. Ministry. Church planting.

And of course, even business.

All of these, I believe, is enough to answer the question “how do I know God’s plan”…

We can see it all around us.

See, we, Christians NEED to be in the marketplace…

Otherwise what’s gonna stop it from going further in this direction?

Without us…

How would anyone ever see any integrity?

So if you feel called into the marketplace…

Or feel like He’s given you the talent of entrepreneurship…

Or feel like this is what God wants you to do…

That is God’s answer to your question.

Stop waiting on the sidelines!

NOW is the time to act, and to spread His word in as many ways as we possibly can.

Stop asking “how do I know God’s plan”…

There’s just too big a message here for us to ignore.

Above all…

I hope this helps if you’ve been on the fence about business, entrepreneurship, or using the gifts He’s given you as a way to serve others.

If He’s calling you to try something new, go for it!

Things will work out, as long as you walk alongside Him…

So do not let fear hold you back any longer.

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