digital storefronts the next big Christian business opportunity

What Are Digital Storefronts: A Big Christian Business Opportunity

In this post, I will talk about what are Digital Storefronts and why they could be the next big Christian business opportunity out there today.

One of the questions I get all the time is…

“What makes Digital Storefronts different from all the other online businesses out there?”

Well as someone who spent years trying all sorts of different things…

Including MLMs, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce…

For a little while I even sold used cars!

The biggest difference with Digital Storefronts…

Is that it is NOT based on any trendy, gimmicky, get-rich-quick tactics.

In fact, it’s the digital equivalent of one the oldest, most tried-and-true business models of all time:

Real estate!

In fact, it’s even better because you earn money by actually making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Digital Storefronts is the perfect Christian business opportunity…

I say this all the time!

Because after all my years of trying all sorts of different ‘systems’…

It’s the only way I’ve been able to use my gifts to directly help others…

AND take on greater stewardship so that I can become an even greater Kingdom builder.

What Are Digital Storefronts?

Short answer, it is a Digital Real Estate.

All local businesses need a physical location for people to find them.


For most stores, shops, and businesses…

Generating as much foot traffic as possible is their main goal.

Because it’s their most reliable source of new customers!

That’s why many business owners are happy to pay $5,000… $10,000… sometimes $20,000 a MONTH for the right location.

I mean, imagine what the Chipotle on the busiest corner in your town is paying in rent!

It’s probably a number that would make any normal person’s jaw drop.

But the thing is…

More eyeballs = more sales.

Think of it this way…

Would you pay $20,000 in rent…

If you knew the amount of traffic to your store would bring in $100,000 in sales?

Of course you would!

And this is why real estate investing is one of the most reliable ways to earn an extra buck.

However, the problem is…

The barrier to entry is huge.

You’re usually looking at $50K (probably even more) upfront…

Not to mention it’s by no means guaranteed you’ll make that back.

(Plus if you ask me, being responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of physical real estate sounds like a nightmare!)

what are digital storefronts

Why Digital Storefronts is the next BIG Christian business opportunity out there…

Here’s how I like to explain it:

Think of what you’d do if you wanted to go out for Mexican food tonight.

You wouldn’t just start walking around town, hoping to find a place… right?

Instead, you’d likely open up Google and search “Mexican food near me”.

And in a matter of seconds…

Google’s gonna give you a short list of 3-4 popular restaurants.

Now, from the perspective of digital real estate…

Being one of those first 3-4 sites that pops up is GOLD!

It’s like being on Digital Main Street for Mexican Restaurants.

You’re getting the most eyeballs, the most clicks, and above all…

The most hungry customers!

So with Digital Storefronts…

What we do is build, well… Digital Storefronts!

It’s just like owning a piece of physical real estate

Then renting out to a local business owner who wants more customers.

Except if you ask me, it’s even better.

Because there’s little to no maintenance or upkeep.

No paying thousands in real estate taxes.

Plus for me, wanting a lifestyle where I can freely travel the country to serve…

Being tied down to a bunch of properties sounds awful!

See, having this skillset to build and rent Digital Storefronts works so well…

And I believe they’re the next big Christian business opportunity…

Because it provides a needed service to business owners all over the Nation.

Hardworking guys (and gals) who need the extra eyeballs on their business…

To pay their bills, provide for their families, and help their communities

But simply don’t have the time to play around with websites and marketing.

And that’s exactly where we come in!

Christian business opportunity

What are Digital Storefronts for?

Here’s an example:

Say you built a Digital Storefront for Ken, the Kitchen Cabinet Refacer.

And your site helps bring in just one new customer a week.

Well for a job like that, the average cost can easily be around $5,500…

So when you add up 4 new customers, one for each week that you help him get…

That’s $22,000 in new revenue for Ken and his business!

And just like our example with physical real estate from earlier…

Would you pay $1,000 or $2,000 a month for a website

That brought in $22,000 in revenue?

It’s a no brainer!

Are you now able to see what are Digital Storefronts and why they’re the next big business today?

Hopefully you see now why this skillset is so valuable 🙂

Learn how to build your own Digital Real Estate to take advantage of this next Big business opportunity