A Touching Story of a Mother of 2
who Fulfilled Her Daughter’s
Dreams of Going to Disney

Have you ever felt ready take on GREATER stewardship

So that you can bless others, bless the Kingdom, and even fulfill your children’s dream?

I’m going to tell you about the amazing mom of 2 who did just that in a moment.

But first let me introduce myself.

My name is Cory Long.

I’ve been a Kingdom Entrepreneur for a few years now.

And in this letter I’m going to share how hundreds of Christians are making an even BIGGER impact on the Kingdom

And following their calls to the marketplace in a way that’s aligned with God.

All with the exact skillset I’m using today.

And, no, this isn’t an MLM or Pyramid Scheme.

There’s ZERO recruiting required.

I’ll explain how in just a sec…

But first thing you’re probably thinking is… if I’m so successful with this, then why am I teaching it?! Why not keep it all to myself?

The short answer is, I’m here to serve. Sounds cliche, but stick with me.

See, when I first realized I was being called into the marketplace…

I also wanted to live just like Paul:

To be able to help Ministries and Non-Profits… without needing a paycheck from them.

And thankfully my skills as a Digital Tentmaker allows for me to do that today!

So, my wife and I packed up our life, bought an RV, and now cruise around serving those in need. All on our own dime.

It’s an amazing life, and I really feel it’s what I’ve been put here to do.

I now have the resources to give more, serve more, and provide for my family too.

What started off as a one man show, grew to a team of 16 people!

Maybe you’re wondering…

If I have a simple life… why on earth would I need 16 others to help me?

Again, to serve.

Those are 16 people who are gainfully employed because of the practice I built from scratch.

Without it, they may not have a job to put food on the table.

I know it sounds crazy, and unbelievable.

Especially this day and age where it seems everyone is out to make a buck.

But, I learned at a certain point, the money doesn’t matter anymore. Would all the money in the world change my lifestyle? Nope.

I don’t tell you that to brag.

I tell you because in this letter, I’m going to make a real effort to help you make a positive change. And there’s a good chance without bragging about myself in the beginning… You’re going to lose interest very quickly.

In fact…

When I meet people in person. I tell a different story.

I tell one of my favorite stories of a student’s success.


See Brenda had always dreamed of taking her two daughters to Disney World.

But, like for so many parents, it wasn’t realistic… Which killed her inside.

If you’re a parent, you get it.

You want to give your kids the experiences you didn’t have.

Imagine this…

Your daughter looks up at you with her big blue eyes…

“Mommy, can we please go to Disney World someday?”

Knowing deep down you can’t give her what she wants…

That what you’re about to say is going to break her heart…

And it crushes you because it’s not her fault at all.

She deserves better.

But you have to tell her the truth…

“No honey. I’m sorry. We can’t this year. Mommy has to work.”

She’s strong, and says…

“Okay Mommy…”, wiping away a tear.

It’s something no parent ever wants to experience.

You do everything for your kids…

To be the one who brings them any sort of pain kills you inside.

Brenda had this exact experience…

And came to me asking for help.

So I personally sat down with her and came up with a plan to achieve the goal.


She disappeared for a few months.

I honestly thought she had given up.

But, out of nowhere a comment pops up from her in our private group…

She hadn’t disappeared.

She took the skills I taught her and began executing on them relentlessly to achieve her goal.

And she achieved it.

With an all-inclusive Disney Cruise.

making an extra 1000 per month Brenda makes her children's wishes come true with a fully paid Disney cruise

For once in her life she was able to give her daughters an experience where money didn’t matter.

And she didn’t have to worry about when it’d be best to take a week off from work.

She had the time and the resources to just do it!

THIS is why I show others what I do.

If I kept this tentmaking skillset to myself, Brenda would never have been able to take her two daughters on that cruise.

Creating an experience they’ll never forget.

And no…

Brenda didn’t have tons of tech, design or marketing experience.

But thanks to a mapped-out, step-by-step approach…

She was able to use this skillset and achieve her goals, faster than she ever would’ve thought possible.

“But, Cory… there’s lots of people teaching things like this online. Why do we need you?”

It’s true, there’s a lot of people teaching all sorts of crazy stuff…

However, the vast majority are…

Cash Grabs over Skills That Serve Others

I’ve been in the online marketing space for about 5 years now.

In that time I’ve heard about and witnessed more scams than you could imagine.

People I thought were 100% above board, that were actually ripping off their clients and students left, right and center.

Many of which were false leaders, teaching methods that flat out don’t work, or at the very least they had never tried implementing themselves.

And at the worst, people taking others money, and delivering absolutely nothing in return.

But, let’s disregard the scammers.

Let’s talk about the Cash Grabs.

See, in many online communities and forums you’ll find people talking about bringing their faith to the marketplace.

Which you’d think would be great!

But as you start to pull back the onion you begin to realize…

These people live two totally separate lives:

Their spiritual life.

And then their business life.

Unfortunately, the business life is only centered around making a quick buck…

And it turns out they have NO intention of helping others, or bringing His values to the marketplace.

What they want is to create a Cash Grab.

Something that makes them the most amount of money, with the least amount of effort. Including building the product, marketing AND customer service (which I barely hear anybody talking about)

All while asking questions like, “How can I get the most money OUT of my customers.

This my friends is the definition of a Cash Grab.

They know they’re playing on borrowed time. The advertising platforms like Facebook, Google and YouTube hate them. Their customers hate them.

What happens when the “business” is shut down? Or people stop buying because of the stacks of negative reviews?

They simply start up a new Cash Grab.

Despite their poor business skills…

They’re very good at one thing…

Preying on people’s hopes and dreams in order to make a sale.

They study how to do it relentlessly, because that’s what fills up their wallets.

And that’s exactly what I aim to protect you against.

By showing you how to develop…

A Real, Valuable Skillset over a Cash Grab

People get confused about what the internet really is.

Pretty much every “opportunity” online is associated with a scam.

I can’t blame them.

Shady marketing tactics and the fact you can remain anonymous has lead to a lot of scams online (just as detailed above).

But the internet is really just a distribution platform.

The largest, and most efficient the World has ever seen.

For example, instead of having to build physical tents like Paul…

…and sitting all day, selling them to the merchants passing through Corinth.

Or having to ship goods across the ocean by plane or boat.

Digital goods can be delivered at the click of a mouse with no cost to either party!

That’s all the internet really is…

Once you start to think of it for what it is… it’s hard to boil it down to simply a tool to scam people.

Of course you can use it to do so…


You can also leverage the greatest technology we’ve ever had and build a real, long lasting skillset that serves others!

So how do you know if you’re looking at a Cash Grab or a Real Skillset?

Using what I call…

The “Dinner Party" Test

If you were at a Dinner Party with your closest friends and family. And they asked you, so what are you doing these days?

Would you happily tell them how your skills are making a positive impact on the lives of others? Similar to how a doctor or a firefighter might?

Or would you be embarrassed? Knowing full well what you’re doing isn’t providing any value and only filling your pockets?

I can promise you, many of the people you see riding around in fancy cars online right now are not going to pass the Dinner Party test.

They probably tell people a watered down version, or flat out lie about exactly what they’re doing.


How Did I Discover “Digital Tentmaking“?

I’ve thrown a lot of stones at this point.

But it’s not to be controversial, that’s not my style.

I speak from experience.

My wife and I had been doing Ministry work for 17 years.

We eventually began running an all girls home.

These girls had been abused, neglected and in some cases trafficked.

So as you can imagine, it was extremely exhausting and stressful.

Even though I was only earning $50,000 a year as a CEO, I was ok with it. I loved helping them get back on their feet.

But eventually, I felt like my call to build the Kingdom was elsewhere.

Of course I wanted to keep helping lost children in need.

As long as I’m still here on His earth, I will continue to do so.

But with only $50,000 a year and my own family to feed.

I simply didn’t have the resources to make an impact outside of my ministry.

So after 2 and a half years of stomach ulcers and high blood pressure. We decided to step away from full-time ministry work entirely.

Not because we were done with it.

But because I realized if I wanted to reach more people, and make a BIGGER impact on the Kingdom…

I needed to take on greater stewardship & responsibility.

I needed the resources to build His kingdom on a much greater scale.

Now, I knew people were doing all sorts of crazy stuff on the internet.

But I was skeptical of how many of these things would actually let me combine my faith with my call to the marketplace.

So, I started buying courses that sounded like what I wanted.

I’d buy one…

Implement everything they said.

No results.

Buy another…

Implement everything they said.

No results.

And the only one that ever looked promising…

Clearly required me to put my faith and values aside in order to get anywhere. Not my style.

I did that 6 times…

Until I found a coaching program showing how to create simple websites called “Digital Storefronts“

It was simple, easy-to-understand and reminded me right away of what Apostle Paul did.

Building tents for other merchants…

So that they have a place to set up shop and provide their own services to their communities.

Except in this case…

It’s online! And therefore doesn’t require the same sort of effort Paul put into building hundreds of physical tents.

This is why I call it “Digital Tentmaking” 🙂

Fast forward just 5 years…

And I’ve taken this skillset and helped hundreds of local business owners, and have a staff of 16 employees.

Just like how a doctor or lawyer takes the skills they learned in school…

Then uses them to create a practice and bring those skills to the marketplace.

At first I wasn’t all that great at the tech side of things…

(Not to mention I’m not much of a designer either!)

I’m living proof that with a good ol’ college try, you really can learn anything.

Today my mission is to teach these skills to as many people as possible who are in search of a better life.

Where they can impact the Kingdom on a greater scale than they ever thought possible!

Cory Long discussing how digital storefront can make you earn an extra 1000 a month

Do you need 16 employees like me to be a Digital Tentmaker? No, of course not.

But imagine…

Instead of simply donating to the church…

Having the means to BUILD a church!

Or picking the cause or charity that resonates with you the most…

And being able to help them reach so many more people!

Or maybe, like so many others, you feel like what you do now doesn’t make good use of the gifts He gives you…

And you want to bring glory to Him, outside of simply going into ministry work.

If any of those resonated with you… then this skillset could be the perfect fit.

How to Get Started!

So what is this “Tentmaking Skillset” that’s letting Christians build the Kingdom??

I’m going to lay it all out here for you. You can take this and build on it without paying me a dime.

If you find the information valuable, maybe share it with a friend.

Let’s jump in!

The Digital Tentmaking Skillset

The easiest way to look at Digital Tentmaking, is by comparing it to Commercial Real Estate.

All local businesses need a physical location for people to find them.

Generating as much foot traffic as possible is their main goal.

Honestly, foot traffic is many business’ most reliable source of new customers.

So paying $5,000, $10,000… $20,000 PER MONTH is actually completely logical.

These numbers aren’t made up either. In Times Square, the average cost of rent is $2,100 PER SQUARE FOOT!

Meaning they’re paying over a million dollars per year, just to have their storefront in front of much traffic as possible.

There’s tons of businesses happily spending that kind of money, simply because of the promise of more eyeballs.

More eyeballs = more sales.

Simple as that.

But who are the real winners?

The real estate investors. The ones who are renting the space out. They simply collect their rent checks every month…

They have zero worries of servicing customers, finding and hiring staff, or the other million and 1 things a business owner has to worry about.

The Missed Opportunity

Now, to buy Commercial Real Estate property, you better be prepared to invest a minimum of $50K to get started (and be comfortable with potentially losing it too)!

The barrier to entry is huge.

But, there’s a missed opportunity that few people have noticed.

It’s in the form of Digital Real Estate.

Allowing you to get started for just a couple hundred dollars.

Here’s the deal…

If businesses pay thousands of dollars to get their Storefronts on busy, high-traffic areas HOPING people passing by are interested in whatever they’re selling…

Then why would it be any different online?

Think of when you want to go out to eat…

You want Mexican food…

What’s the first thing you do?

Probably jump on Google, and type in “Mexican Food” + your city.

Google map pack showing various digital storefronts for mexican food

Which means all the websites here are the ultimate form of real estate today.

These are the Digital Storefronts of their businesses.

And they’re on the Digital Main Street for Mexican Restaurants.

Even better… every eyeball has ASKED specifically to see Mexican Restaurants in their city.

The perfect prospect. Better than anyone randomly wandering around Main Street in their local city who MIGHT be interested in Mexican, or might be interested in any of the other businesses.

The people who searched online for this are ONLY interested in Mexican.

What does all of this mean for you?

You can build these simple Digital Storefronts, optimize them so they show up for key terms like “Mexican Restaurants” + city.

Then “rent” them out to local businesses in exchange for a fair fee!

With very little maintenance or upkeep on your side.

Here’s how we do it.

Step 1. Find your Street

Every good investment starts by finding the most in-demand street you can afford to be on.

The ones where the tenants will pay you top dollar to be on.

So what makes a good “street” for a Digital Storefront?

  1. It’s in a town of 100,000-250,000 people. This means there’s a big enough flow of customers for your tenants. But, it also means it’s not very competitive and you can easily get your Digital Storefront ranked on Google.
  2. The street is for high-value customers. It might seem like you should go out and start building restaurant sites. And it makes sense, everyone searches Google for restaurants. But, the problem with that is the number of customers required for your restaurant tenant to see a positive return by renting your Digital Storefront. (Again, we’re here to actually HELP these business owners provide for their own families too!)Take a look at this…

    Let’s say you have a restaurant tenant.

    Your Digital Storefront drives:

      • 3 customers a day to the restaurant…
      • On average each customer spends $50…
      • The restaurant is open every day of the week…
      • That’s $4,500 in revenue your Digital Storefront brought in.

    Not bad, right?

    But, what if we shifted our focus and started building Digital Storefronts for…

    Kitchen Cabinet Refacers?

      • The business owner serves 1 client a week…
      • On average each client spends $5,500…
      • Open 4 weeks per month…
      • That’s $22,000 in revenue you Digital Storefront brought in for that Kitchen Cabinet Refacer!

    With a fraction of the customers.

    Which makes it an easy win-win for everyone involved.

    Because what business owner is going to say no to paying $500 to generate an additional $22,000 every single month? Alright…

Step 2. Build your Digital Storefront

So here’s how you build the actual Digital Storefront.

First you need a domain name (the name of your website).

I recommend BlueHost.

Once it’s installed, you’ll get access to the WordPress Dashboard.

In here you can simply click the “Add New” button at the top of the screen to add a new page.

Where you’ll get this screen.

Add a title for the page.

Create a quick, generic blurb about your Digital Storefronts product/services i.e. if you chose Fencing, write some helpful information around it.

(Pro tip: feel free to check out others Fencing websites, even in other cities, to come up with ideas. You don’t have to be a fencing pro for this to work).

The only criteria for your writing is…

To be relevant to 2-3 terms people would search to find your Digital Storefront.

For example, if you decided to go create a Digital Storefront for fencing in Everett, Washington.

You’d probably use:

  • Fencing Everett Washington
  • Everett Washington Fencing
  • Fencing Company in Everett Washington.

Create the 4 following pages:


That’s it.

Make sure to click Save!

Step 3. Use the Whisper Message to Attract Tenants

Just like Paul.. Now we need to get other business owners interested in our tents!

Here’s how we’re going to do it, and stand apart from EVERYONE else using this model…


Because most people doing this don’t typically build the Digital Storefront at all.

They go to a potential tenant and sell the IDEA behind it.

Ask for money upfront, then say they’ll be back with all the things they promised. With absolutely no guarantee they can make it happen.

(This is the difference between one of those cash grabs.. and providing a real skillset that HELPS others)

Imagine doing that in the “real world”.

A potential tenant would boot ya out the door!

That’s why I like to flip the script.

Building everything first, THEN saying, “Hey, look at this, it will help you get more business. And I’ll PROVE it” (I’ll show you how shortly).

Prospective tenants love it, AND it’s how they’re used to dealing with real estate in the “real world”.

With the Whisper Message, we use a simple piece of software that we tack on to the top of our website…

For example:

So whenever someone calls this number, they’re automatically directed to our potential tenant.

Our “Whisper message” then starts before the call connects.

“This lead is courtesy of, *insert your name*.”

We let a few calls like this go through and then email or call the potential tenant.

By this time they’ve heard your name, have no idea why you’re sending them potential customers…

But they’re happy to get more of them.

So, the next step is…

Step 4. Sign ‘Em Up!

If they want more of those potential customers.

And there’s a very good chance they DO…

Because why wouldn’t they?

You set a fair, agreed upon fee for providing your skills, and they rent the Digital Storefront from you.

What does that mean on your end?


As long as they pay their rent, you keep their phone number and email on your site.

If they don’t… or if you don’t like working with them, it’s YOUR choice to “evict” them.

Not saying you have to do this, but you do own everything, which puts you in control.


Step 5. Tenant Stack!

Maybe you’re only looking to donate a little more to the church.

That’s great.

But if you want to make a greater impact…

And be able to do things like BUILD a church…

It’s really just a matter of rinsing and repeating this process, and providing your skillset to a few more business owners.

That’s why I love Digital Tentmaking so much.

It’s impossible to do this as a “cash grab”. The only way we can expand our own stewardship…

Is if the business owner on the other end is winning too!

And here’s another reason why this skillset is so great:

More tenants doesn’t necessarily equate to more work.

Meaning whether you have 1 tenant, or 10 tenants… your workload won’t be that much different.

In fact, I have tenants from 4 years ago, who have happily paid their rent every single month because of the leads they get. And it’s required very little work on my behalf after the initial setup of the site.

And that’s it!

That’s how you become a “Digital Tentmaker“!

10,000 Foot Overview

You might be sitting there thinking this is a lot.

It’s really not. Most people just don’t expose their entire system to you like this. They want to keep it quiet so you have to pay to get the secret sauce.

But, I’m invested in helping as many people as I can reach their goals for building the Kingdom.

Whether that’s to simply donate more… Or be able to go out and do ministry for free, like me and my wife.

I want you to go out and implement.

This is the most valuable online skillset I’ve ever seen.

One to…

  • Do ministry without taking a paycheck, just like Paul advocated.

  • Take your family on vacations that were once only a pipe dream.

  • Never again feel frustrated that you’re not making use of your gifts.

  • Help worthy causes reach hundreds, potentially thousands more people.

  • Make an even GREATER impact on the Kingdom!

And I’ve seen people do all of this in as little as 6 months.

What to Watch For…

Now, after doing this for 5 years and teaching thousands of people to do the same…

I want to give you a heads up on some things that can go wrong. Again, in the spirit of being transparent.

However! Once you read what I have to say. Do not be discouraged, I may have a solution for you that can help you easily overcome these problems.

Finding Your Street is the most important part of the process. 

The city you choose can look good on paper, but once you dig deeper it’s not all that it appears. 

The industry you choose is also very important. If they sell expensive items, but nobody thinks to search on Google for them, then you won’t find any success.

WordPress is an extremely easy website builder once you learn how to use it. 

But some people can feel there’s a bit of a learning curve. Don’t worry, It’s like any new program you learn how to use. 

You’ll get the point where you can build entire sites in just a couple of hours, from start to finish.

In more competitive markets, you may need to do what it is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Which simply means you’re creating more indicators for Google to realize that you’re the most relevant site for the specific searches. Again, easy once you know what to do.

A Massive Untapped Opportunity To Help Others!

I don’t want any of that to prevent you from going forward with this.

I’ve shown hundreds, possibly even thousands of people how to do this.

And it’s STILL a massively untapped opportunity.

The reality is…


    1. 66% of small business owners say finding new customers is a top concern.
    2. There are 30.2 MILLION small businesses in America today (200,000 new businesses started every year in the US ALONE)
    3. According to a new report from CNBC, 45% of businesses still don’t have a website… in 2019!


Now, on that last point…

Does that mean if a business has a website, they’re not a potential tenant?

Not at all.

In fact… many of my top tenants already had their own websites.

So why do they rent from me?

Because over the past 5 years I’ve learned how to structure my websites to generate the maximum amount of inquiries possible. Meaning the tenant gets MORE business using my website, than they do from their own.

I have a limo client that has his own site…

Yet he’s rented one of my Digital Storefronts for years because of the amount of inquiries he gets from it.

He’s actually scaled his fleet of vehicles drastically and attributes most of his success to the renting the little Digital Storefront I have in his area… which is an amazing feeling knowing the impact I’ve had on him, his business, his employees and family.

All with a little website I built in a couple hours.

Now as I mentioned earlier…

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and packaged it into a mentorship program, and built a community of Digital Tentmakers.

It’s the perfect place for anyone interested in learning these same skills…

So that they can work alongside other believers towards making a bigger impact on His Kingdom!

Here’s just a few of the lives I’ve changed through my coaching…


Let me introduce you to some of my coaching students and how Digital Storefronts have helped them. But here are their full video testimonials if you want to see more.


Meet Josh, a pastor of 8 years who’s putting these skills to work so that he’s free to follow his calling to do full-time ministry. Without having to worry about how he’ll support his family.


There’s also a stay-at-home dad who, after joining the 20-site challenge inside the program, started to see the value of this skillset in action. He closed 3 sales just few days apart.


Then there’s married duo Jake & Dian, who admit to having some roadblocks at first (as is expected when learning any valuable skillset!). But now they’ve found a way past them and got their first clients. Jake’s goal is to speak at churches without worrying about whether or not he gets paid for it.


Zach had zero experience building sites, or doing any “internet stuff”. Yet with a little elbow grease, he landed 2 clients who jumped at the chance to work with him!

But, I’m NOT guaranteeing you’ll get results like this at all.

In fact, I don’t know if you’ll get any results.

The sad reality is…

The vast majority who invest in any sort of mentorship like this don’t take the action required to make it work.

Actually, I heard a stat along the lines of only 10% of people ever make it past Chapter 1 in a book. That tells you most people’s commitment to anything right there.

So here’s the deal…While the fastest and easiest way for me to get you into our community would be with a big buy button at the bottom of this page…You won’t find one here.

No. Because I’m not in this to make the most money possible. I’m doing just fine with my own Digital Storefronts.

Especially considering we live in a modest life serving the Ministry living in our RV. My living expenses are lower than when I was only making $50K per year!

I’m in this to truly help as many people as possible.

The more good, hardworking Christians that join our community…

That’s more people out spreading His love, wisdom and kindness!

So I want to make sure we can help you before we ever even offer you to invest in our mentorship.

We need to know questions like…


    • WHY you want to develop this skillset?
    • What type of responsibilities you currently have?
    • How much time you can put into making this work?


Don’t worry, we’re not going to pry into your personal life. We just need to know enough to confidently say you’ll execute on this.

We’ve found after helping thousands of people… these are key criteria in knowing if a person is in a position to really make this work.

Here’s the good news…


    1. If you’re accepted, WE believe you have what it takes to learn this skillset and give you a life you never thought possible.
    2. I’ve dug deep into Digital Storefronts all over the country to see what kind of opportunity there is. And there are so many niches, so many cities, so many countries that these skills are needed in, I don’t think our work will ever become saturated.


I mean… would you ever ask if the Commercial Real Estate industry is saturated?

Of course not.

And this is the exact same thing, only digital. Giving you the opportunity to operate in any market in the World!


You have 3 options in front of you:


    1. Go back to dreaming and hoping that one day your dreams of making a greater impact will come true.
    2. Continue buying course after course searching for the “secret”, push-button system that all the gurus out there are promising you.
    3. Or you can book a 15 minute call, and see if you’re a good fit for this mentorship program. Where you’ll learn a real skillset that provides real value to local businesses, and one you’re actually proud to tell your family and friends you’re doing.


The choice is yours.

I remember being in the same position as you.

And what made me finally pull the trigger and take action was thinking that life is fleeting.

Our time on this earth is limited. And every day we spend not doing what we love, is a day wasted.

So please watch our training and book this call. You may look back on it as the most pivotal moment in your life.

Your brother in Christ,

Cory Long



P.S. I don’t want to make this sound like we’re pushing you into something. Or filtering out the “bad candidates”.

If you’ve read this far, and you’re at all curious about this business model. But just aren’t sure about it, feel free to take the free training and then book a call.

We’re happy to help clarify any questions you have. There’s no reason to go on wondering if this is a good opportunity for you. One 15 minute phone call will tell you everything you need.