Digital Storefronts Review: Dad Earns from Home with Digital Storefronts

This video of Digital Storefronts Review is about a stay at home dad who is now renting out his digital storefronts.

I love the idea of being able to work from home. Being able to help set my own schedule. I started in the Internet marketing business 15 months ago. No background in Internet Marketing before starting this.

Got into the Internet Marketing Business through a different group. I was really attracted to them because they had things really kinda set up and aligned and a real system to it. And I was really excited about that.

I felt like it could really help me succeed. And I got in there and it was just I didn’t feel like their sales side of things was very effective.

As I was doing Google Adwords. I had an account that was suspended. And then before I knew it, all my Google Ads accounts were suspended. I couldn’t do anything. Nobody in the group could help me out with that. They were like, “Well you just got to contact Google.”

About two weeks later, I ran into Cory Long. Happened to hear something — he said — where he’s talking about digital marketing. He was explaining to me exactly what he does, and I was like, “Man, that’s ten times better than what I’ve been involved in,”

I joined up in January with the Digital Storefronts. I almost immediately came across the 20 site challenge stuff.

I decided to just plunge headlong into that. Since then and going to the live sales event, I gained a much greater understanding of perspective and many more ideas and tools to use for selling. 

So, now I’m getting potential clients who are already interested in what I have to sell them.

They’re coming in through Facebook leads automatically, scheduled appointments with them. I ended up just the other day making my first sale — and not only making my first sale, but I made a second sale on the same day.

And here I am, three days later and I just made another sale today.

So, I don’t know a lot of the different programs that are out there, but I can say that having seen at least a couple of other programs, the Digital Storefronts model is by far the best model for Internet marketing out there.

Not only do I think that it’s just someone for doing the job that I do, but I mean actual quality that we can offer to potential contractors out there looking for leads.

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