what is a digital storefront A traditional storefront is a facade of a store facing the street

What Is a Digital Storefront And How It Can Make You $500-$1,000/Month

We’ve been talking about digital storefronts to help you make an extra $500-$1000 a month But first, what is a digital storefront?

Later in this post, I will also address the question, “How can I make an extra $500 a month from digital storefronts?”

What is a Digital Storefront?

What is a Digital Storefront?

The dictionary defines a storefront as “the facade of a store”; “a room or set of rooms facing the street on the ground floor of a commercial building, typically used as a store.”

That is the traditional meaning of a storefront.

But today, you can find almost every store on Google.

Before you even go to that store or decide to buy or eat there, you have looked for them in Google first.

And here is where a digital storefront comes in.

It is not only a facade or a store.

It is where your prospective customer learns everything about your business. Oftentimes, even before they see your physical store.

In simple terms, a digital storefront is your website.

But to be more accurate, it is your business’ online presence.

Why? Well, because your business can have a website. But, if it’s not showing in the Google results, your website is not serving its purpose as an internet storefront.

How does a Digital Storefront Benefit a Business?

According to RevLocal:

  • “75 percent of people who find a local search result useful will visit a store
  • 90 percent of smartphone users search for location information
  • 50 percent of mobile local searches end with a purchase
  • 91 percent of consumers will turn to a competitor if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices”

As a business owner, you’d want your customer’s first interaction with you to be seamless and impressive. Whether it’s online or offline.

After all, it’s the closest customer service experience you can give them! Moreso, if they haven’t visited your physical store and had an actual conversation with you.

Why is a Digital Storefront Important?

Think of it this way…

Imagine a brick and mortar Mexican restaurant along a busy street.

The restaurant owner would be willing to pay big money to have this location with heavy foot traffic.

But, how many of the people passing this street are actually looking for Mexican food?

Not much.

Actually, the vast majority won’t even look in your window.

But, imagine if a Mexican restaurant can actually be on a street where people are going to look for Mexican food. Only Mexican food.

The restaurant owner would be willing to pay a lot more money!

That’s all a Google search really is…

When someone types in, Mexican Food in Austin Texas…

Google will display the top 3 Mexican restaurants in Austin, Texas..

And those are digital storefronts.

Think about it, they’re actually on a “street” where people are only looking for Mexican restaurants in Austin, Texas!

Let me ask you… do you search Google whenever you’re looking for a restaurant, or a local service?

This is why Google search is the most valuable real estate of ANY city.

Imagine being a Digital Landlord on Google planet!

I’m sure by now you’re asking:

“How can I make an extra $500 a month? Or even $1,000 every month from digital storefronts? I don’t have a business”

What does every business want?

More business! Which means more customers.

More customers means they need more leads.

A lead is a person who expresses interest in your product or service.

More leads equals more chances of getting customers to buy from your business.

That’s why businesses will pay a pretty penny to be in malls, or on main shopping strips.

Because more foot traffic equals more leads equals more potential sales.

Which is great FOR THEM…

But, it’s even better for the person who owns the mall right?

He pretty much sits and collects the checks each month.

Picture this…

You spend a few hours of your time creating your Digital Storefront. You find a local business owner, put his phone number on there and start sending him business.

So that’s STEP ONE: rent out digital storefronts.

Anytime you want to make an extra $500 a month. Maybe even up to $1,500 a month to your income, you simply spend a few more hours building another Internet storefront.  Put their phone number in and rent it to another tenant.

Sure, you’ll have the odd problem tenant once in a while.

But, overall, this is the fastest and easiest way I’ve personally seen to hit those $10K months. No need to sell every waking moment of your day.

The Mexican restaurant example we had earlier? That was only for example.

We don’t look for restaurant tenants. They don’t make enough per customer to happily pay us the big rent checks.

Why? A customer of a restaurant might pay $100.

But a customer of a fencing company might pay $10,000 for 1 job! So they only need 1 customer from our Digital Storefront to be very profitable.

“What if I want to earn my way up to $10,000-$20,000 a month by renting out digital storefronts?”

A conservative income from one storefront is $500 a month.

Do you want $5,000 a month? 10 tenants

Want $10,000? 20 Tenants.

Want $20,000? 40 Tenants.

That sounds great Cory, but can I afford that?

Well one Digital Storefront, the cost of 1 website, costs about $200 a year to build and maintain.

Think about it, $500 a month revenue versus $200 per year cost.

Another thing, you don’t have to build them all at once.

You can build one for $200, rent it out, and use the $500 a month revenue to build your next Internet storefront.

Imagine having several of those stacked on top of each other.

Each generating a revenue for you month after month. 

But let me set this straight…

Leads and sales will not magically increase once you put up a digital storefront.

You must apply sales and marketing principles so that storefront will give a steady flow of leads.

Fortunately, we have this program that will help you get started to becoming a Digital Landlord – owning the most valuable commercial real estate on the planet.

In this program, you will:

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  • And so much more!

“But I’m not sure if I can do this. I’m bad with technology.”

That is exactly my goal:

To provide a real, legitimate way to build an income online. Even if you have little experience, tech skills or business/investing knowledge.

I told you, “even if you’re horrible with computers.”

Everything can be learned after all.

In the training, we show you the step-by-step of building a Digital Storefront.

Plus, you get to have access to coaches who are experts in various fields.

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