Digital Storefronts Reviews: Ministry worker earns online for his family

In this video of Digital Storefronts reviews, one of our students talks about how he is now earning money online to support his family.

Josh has been a pastor for 8 years and still involved in ministry.

He is now earning enough money online to consistently provide the needs of his family while pursuing his passion in ministry.

Digital Storefronts Reviews: How I Earn Enough Income While Pursuing Ministry Work

Watch this video of what he says about Digital Storefronts and Cory Long.

Learn about his struggles and obstacles that made him discover digital storefronts.

Learn how Cory has helped him to do ministry full-time while having enough income to take care of his family.

“I was a pastor for 8 years and still involved with ministry but there were times when it’s so tight.

It was so hard to do.
And there wasn’t a lot of extra time either so any idea of maybe making some side income was just kind of a crazy idea because where? Where was I gonna find time to do stuff? Like we couldn’t afford to replace tires in our minivan.
What if I had an additional income coming in? Even small amounts help offset extra costs like that.
Working with Cory Long for a while, this man is good at this.
He is good at showing you and teaching you ways to generate income, sometimes with very little effort at all and I am just very grateful for the amount of time talking and learning from Cory.
Highly recommend the man and so anything he has to teach it’s well worth it. And the other thing too is that Cory loves Jesus. I can trust a man who loves Jesus and loves his family and I’ve seen him do both. 
You have the potential of making some additional income while not giving up on your calling to do ministry and so this is some of the stuff that I myself am trying to do as well is to be wholeheartedly invested in the ministry God has called me to do while making some additional income on the side to take care of my family.
And wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to do ministry full-time even while having enough income to take care of your family?
The Apostle Paul set us an example in being a tentmaker.
He was able to cover his expenses and do ministry with the money that he make to cover all those expenses so I think this is all about what Cory wants you to show how to do and I just highly recommend it.”

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