Is Cory Long a Scam?

“Is Cory Long a scam?”

“Is Digital Storefronts a scam?”

“Are you for real?” 

Hey, this is Cory Long.

I get asked these questions a lot. 

And part of it is the Internet marketing world is pretty sketchy. It’s a lot of scammers out there, there’s a lot of just junk out there. 

And so anyway, I’m getting ready tonight. I was just gonna show you — I mean I don’t know any other way than just to show you what I’m doing, talk to you a little bit about what I’m doing. 

Cory Long’s Mission and Ministry

I’m getting ready for men’s Bible study tonight. I’m at a little church up in Northern New Mexico helping them to  — well helping them with a lot of different things right now. 

They only have about eight, maybe 10 members, the average age is probably 70. 

The craziest thing about this little church is that they actually have probably 30, 40, sometimes 50, 60, up to 70 kids on a Wednesday night that they serve and they literally have been doing it — you saw the little auditorium in here. I’ll just kind of show you. 

Here, they literally have been doing out of this little tiny kitchen, one little classroom right here that they do youth stuff in, not very big at all. And then another little classroom here and that is literally what they’ve been doing it out of with. 

Maybe, literally an 83-year old helping cook and wash dishes and a couple of other 70-year-olds that help do things,. and a 55-year old youth minister. So, it’s pretty cool. 

So, this is what I’ve been up to for about the last — I think we’ve been here a month, maybe a little over a month. 

And this weekend, I’ll be preaching and have been leading worship, preaching, teaching class, doing all kinds of things. I’ll take you out here and I’ll show you kind of what else we’re doing right now. 

So I wouldn’t be able to do all this without my Digital Storefront business

The crazy thing — and what I get asked a lot is, “Oh, you’re only able to do that because you’re selling the training.” 

Well, that’s not exactly true. I was doing this before we started selling the training. 

We’re selling the training because people kept asking me how I’m doing what I’m doing. And I’d been training for a few years before that anyway and then just doing a very small, little select group, not very many people at all. 

And so I thought, “Well, I guess it’s time to teach more people.” 

So, that’s what we’ve started doing, is teaching more people. And that’s why Digital Storefronts came about, right?

“Is Digital Storefronts a scam?“

No. It’s just me. 

If you get to know me, you’d know I’m just a normal dude out trying to serve and do things that mean something — not just today, but means something long-term. 

So, we came here about a month or so ago and we’ve been —  before that, we were at Gloria Adventure Camps for about, I think two or three months, helping them because they had been shut down and really struggling because of COVID. 

And so we came out here to kind of help as we could and they had just lost their preacher. He had moved to another church in Texas. 

And so I just — we had made the comment, “Hey, would you all need any help? Is there anything we can do for you?”

And literally, they were like, “Yeah, I mean if you can come up here, we’d love it. If you could help with the youth group, help with preaching, help with worship, lead adult Bible study, lead men’s Bible study…” which is what I’m doing tonight and do all that. 

That’s just me. 

And so a lot of people I get a hold of, they’re like, “Oh, you don’t really do all that stuff.” And I’m like, “Well, come follow me around I guess if you want. You can kind of see it yourself.”

The Digital Storefront Agency 

We run our own agency. I run my own Digital Storefront agency where I build my own assets. I get them ranked. I send leads. I charge people money for those leads. 

We landed a new client today. Actually landed a couple of new clients today. I make more money from my agency than I do from doing this training because we’ve built a big agency over the years. 

What I teach is people how to do exactly what I do. You don’t have to have an agency to do what I do. You can do it by yourself. 

You can do it with just VAs, you can outsource a lot of it and all that. 

But I want to show you — l’m going to show you this building and then I’ll come out and show you some of the other stuff. 

They’re building a metal building right now, another project, and they’re trying to do it completely with cash. 

They got it locked up, but there — let’s see if they’ve got — they’re laying concrete. They may have everything locked up so they don’t have anybody mess up the concrete. Yeah, they’ve got rebar. So, let me show you. 

So, they’ve got this big metal building that they’re doing. They’re gonna be laying rebar and concrete there. 

And then I want to show you the view. This is literally Eagle Nest Lake right behind the church. You can see they’ve got a bunch of stuff that we’ve got to clean up, but there’s Eagle Nest Lake. 

And then, as you get further over, this is some of the stuff that they built out here — volleyball court, building a bike shed over there, and building a — what is it, GaGa ball pit. 

And then they’ve got a kids’ playground that they’re building out. There hoping to get this finished soon because they know that they’re the only real youth ministry that’s out here in this area, which is pretty cool. 

Within about 30 miles, they’re the only ones that are around. So, we’re going to be here another two to three weeks. 

Oh, there’s a razor blade from the guys that are working. We’re gonna be here another two or three weeks and then we’ll be leaving to head back to Texas. 

We got to take care of some stuff. And then I think we’re going to come back because they need the help, come back and serve here. 

So, we really do travel in a fifth wheel. We really did sell all of our stuff. We sold our house. We sold the extra vehicles we had. We sold the toys that we had. 

Man, it’s getting kind of cold. We sold everything to move out here. 

I want to show you something else real quick. This is pretty amazing. This is the mountains that are behind the church, literally. Big, huge mountain ranges. Sunset back there is pretty incredible.

Is Cory Long a Scam? 

So, every time that somebody reaches out to me, talks to me, and I start talking with them, chatting with them — whether it’s a private message or talking on the phone or whatever it may be — they learn pretty quickly that who I am is exactly who I am. 

There’s nothing different about what I do, or how we do it, or what we do. I teach and do the exact same thing that I teach. So, it’s not something that I’m not doing myself. 

A lot of people out there that are training nowadays, they don’t even actually do any of the work that they teach. 

So, you end up getting somebody that instead of teaching something that is actually going to — something that they’re in the middle of the trenches, something that they’re always updating, something that they know exactly what they’re doing because they’re doing it every day — a lot of these guys don’t do it anymore. 

And so, they just teach it. That’s all they do. So, their material is old, two or three years old, which in our world, in the Internet marketing world, is ancient. You want stuff that’s up to date, right? 

And so, we’re in the middle of the mess. We still build websites

In fact, we had a guy call us today. I think he’s wanting to do — somewhere right around — he’s wanting to grow his business up to about 200 websites a week and he was asking us, “Can you guys handle that kind of volume?” We’ll figure it out if that’s what he really grows it to. 

We had another company call me today that’s looking for 300 plus locations that they have help — that they need help marketing. 

It could be a — easily be a $100,000 a month account or more doing exactly what I teach in Digital Storefront, nothing more, nothing less. Just the same thing, same old, same old.

Cory Long and his family

Sharing is Caring

So, if that’s you. If you’re like — if you’re watching this video and you’re like, “Hey man, is Cory Long a scam? Is Digital Storefronts for real?” 

I’m just a guy that learned how to do some stuff, bought a whole bunch of training. I think we probably have spent tens of thousands of dollars easily. 

And I don’t know how many dozens of training that I’ve gone through. What’s cool is whoever gets in Digital Storefronts gets that benefit, right? 

They just keep getting more. In fact, I added more training into it today. 

So, as I learn, and as I grow, and as I — as Google changes things, I just keep updating everything,  don’t charge for it. A lot of places even charge for that kind of stuff and we just don’t do it. 

And so yeah, people ask me all the time. We really do what we say we do. We travel around a fifth wheel. We go serve at churches, non-profits, camps — that kind of thing — and we spend time with our family.

We’re about to head back and one of the things we’re going back to Texas to do is spend about a month with our daughter. And then from there, we’ll go back to San Angelo which is where my wife’s family lives.

We’ll go by and see them. We’ll probably go by and see my dad in Big Spring. And then we’ll probably head back up here to help the church here because that’s what we’re about. 

So, I work still during the week. It’s not like I don’t work. I still have hours that I keep and I did a staff meeting this morning and I’ll do a webinar tomorrow morning, and I was on a couple of Zoom calls this afternoon with potential clients in Dallas and other areas. 

And that’s what I do. That’s how I keep busy. 

And then I go help with the church and like last night, we were out with a bunch of youth kids that are supposed to kind of be the leaders of the youth group and trying to help them grow and learn — and learning — I don’t really use Snapchat much, but all of them want to be on Snapchat. 

So, I hopped on Snapchat today and have been helping, guide all of that today because we’re doing kind of a challenge with the kids from last night. 

So, that’s what I do. This is just me. I don’t dress fancy. I don’t drive a fancy car. We do have a Dooley Denali, which is nice, right? 

We live in a nice fifth wheel. It’s 45-foot of almost like a pulling apartment, but we live way below our means. We don’t need anything fancy and that’s just who we are. 

So, I just hope this helps you to learn a little bit more about me. I just thought I’d show you a little bit about what we’re doing, how we’re living, kind of what we do. 

Make sure and ask questions if you want to know more. We’d love to talk with you. 

Cory Long reviews and testimonials

Cory Long Review and Testimonial

This is just about helping people. And if we can help more people to change lives — I was talking with a guy today that just hit $10,000 plus per month. 

He’s been in the program seven months, has owned other businesses, owns an insurance agent agency right now, even. 

He and I were talking today and he goes, “You know,” he said, “not only did you change my life and my immediate family’s life but,” he said, “my grandchildren are going to be — they’re going to have a different opportunity than I had,” he said. 

“When I grew up, my mom only made about $20,000 a year.” And he said, “We were dirt poor. I didn’t know,” he said, “I didn’t know it — I didn’t know any different, but now I made over $10,000 already,” he said. “I could do $20,000 easily.” 

And I’m like, “Yep.” And he said, “I want to get to $30K and I want to build this — one of those storage container homes on a piece of property.” 

So, they’re looking at property now, whereas three or four months ago, they were just trying to figure out “how do we pay the bills.” So, it can change in a hurry. 

And that’s why I do what I do. We just want to be able to help people.

Contact us to know more!

So, if you want more information — I don’t know if there’s even going to be a link around this thing, it’s not what this is meant for. It really just kind of shows you who we are. 

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Click on it, see what it’s all about. 

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We’ll tell them, “Look, you know we would love to do this with you, but it doesn’t sound like the right time,” and we turn them away because we don’t want to take their money knowing that maybe they aren’t ready to really follow through with us.

I would rather just not take the money and that’s just kind of the way we run business. 

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So, if there is a link, great. If there’s not, hunt us down. We’d love to talk to you. But that’s what we do in Digital Storefronts

This is the kind of business we have, this is the kind of life I live and I hope this has opened your eyes a little bit to kind of who we are and what we do. Have a great one and it was great chatting with you.