Cory Long Review: From $1K to $10K with Digital Storefronts

Program Testimonial: Meet 21-Year Old Kelly

In this Cory Long review video, you will meet 21-year old Kelly doing $1,000 – $1,500 a month with just a handful of sites. He recently had us do 14 sites to put him in a position to do $10k/month.

Cory Long: 

We were just talking a minute ago, it’s probably been since September of 18, October of 18th — something like that — that he hopped in to start learning from me how to do all of this. 

It’s been very, very, very, part-time for him because he’s had a lot of other things kind of going on. 

So, I know you’ve got some sites that we just built for you that just came online, but give us an idea like where’s the business at right now? 


Back in, I guess September of last year, I ordered 14 sites through you all. I have about 5 to 6 sites right now that are kicking off really good leads. 

I had to fire a few people because they weren’t taking care of work. They weren’t taking care of their cause. 

It wasn’t pain and stuff like that so, I figured out I don’t need to work with these guys. 


But that’s a great part, right? You own this site. You control it. If they’re not being good clients, you move on, right? 

So I know you’re — in a lot of times, you’re out of the range of everything because you work out the boonies a lot of times.


There’s been a few times I’ve had to get up on top of the roof to make a phone call. 


How do you — how are you managing? Like, how many hours do you think you’re spending right now in the business? 


In a week, usually around 3 to 4 hours at night. So, it’s 21 hours a week, give or take, usually Saturdays and Sundays when I do a lot of my catch-up work — get backlinks, do YouTube videos, and stuff like that. 

Usually, during the week, that’s what I’m doing a lot of my sales calls, even throughout the day but even on at night because that’s the only time I can really do it and sit down from my computer and actually do stuff like that. 


Sometimes that makes it fun, getting hold of people. 




If you could do this during the daytime, it’d probably be a whole lot simpler for you. 


Yeah, it really will. 


I know we were talking a minute ago, your average month’s probably a $1,000 or so in profit every month. 

I know you’ve done up to probably $1,500 a month and we were talking a minute ago you probably made $15K – $20K since you came into this a little over a year ago. 

And this is all just side hustle money for you, like this — all this extra at this point. 

Give us an idea, like, where do you want to go this year? Because I know that was the whole reason you bought all those sites like you were looking in 2020 going, “Okay, this is my year. This is what we’re going to do.” 


I’m really wanting to break $10,000 to $15,000 a month. 

That’s kind of the whole goal and just the Digital Storefront, stuff like that. It’s not including any of my other business stuff. 

That’s just Digital Storefronts. That’s what I want to do. 


You know, I know even us, when we started this, I was running a full-time business. I was doing this on the nights and weekends, kind of like you are. 

It can make it a little tough, but it’s still totally doable. It just takes a little bit more time. 

And if we work backwards, you’re sitting — I think you and I talked about you’re sitting with about 20 sites right now total, still got a few of the first ones you built that are still not quite where you want them, as the learning curve kind of happened, right? 

But as some of these sites come online pretty quickly — 20 sites that even $500 a month, that’s $10K. I mean, that’s exactly where you’re wanting to get goal-wise. 


And that’s really not even included in adding the GMB services you’ve got us. I’m really kicking those off here lately. I get some clients under my belt on that too. So, that’s another thing I’ve been adding too.


But if you look at right now, you’re working about — let’s say you did work a full 80-hours a month per $1,000. 

That’s not horrible money, but it’s not great money, but the potential is way bigger than that. Some of it though is just figuring out that pattern, getting into some kind of rhythm. 


If you’re going to do some kind of online business, any business, you work your butt off for the next 6, 8, 10, 12 months and it’s really great, great stuff. 

Ever since I left college about two years ago, I’ve worked my butt off for the last 2 years and it’s really starting to show now and I’m loving it. 


I wish I’d have found something like this when I was your age, that’s for sure. I started over at 40, man. That’s not a good plan. 


I figured might as well at this age just work my way off and then have fun later. 


Yeah, you’ll have plenty of time. 

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