Is Your Current Lifestyle Building A Legacy For Your Family?

Building a legacy for your family is one of the most important goals most people have in life.

Have you ever thought about how what you do now could not only change your life

But the lives of your children… grandchildren… or even great grandchildren too?

Which got me thinking about this quote I came across this quote the other day…

“In every family there’s ONE person that changes the family tree.”

It’s one thing to have a great job, start a business, and make a bunch of money…

But it’s something entirely different to leave behind a legacy.

For example, I know that I want to leave behind a legacy of hard work and generosity.

Someone who went out and served as many other people as possible!

I don’t do this for myself, or because I want to be remembered as someone special…

But because I want to spread these beliefs and attitudes to as many others as I can!

Which I feel is more important now than at any point in our country’s history.

We’re already on our way to being a post-Christian Nation…

And it’s no secret that more and more people these days don’t care about having a good relationship with God.

So they don’t live their lives based on the morals and values he teaches either.

But we still have the chance to go out and make a difference!

Building a legacy for your family that you will pass on to them…

That shows what it means to live as He intended us to.

However whether we like it or not…

Making an impact on a massive scale requires both time and financial resources.

And THIS is why 5 years ago I decided to go all-in on my DSF biz.

Fast forward to today…

Not only do I have the financial means to help thousands of people from all over America…

But even more importantly I have the TIME to serve and minister in the ways I want.

Now, there’s a lot of people out there who’d rather stay ‘comfortable’ in their current jobs.

After all… starting a business isn’t easy!

There’s a learning curve to this and trying something new can be scary.

But by staying where you are now – even if it’s “comfortable”…

Are you limiting the kind of impact you could be making?

Are you holding your legacy back from what it could be?

And if the answer to either of these questions is “yes”…

What’s gotta change to let you finally make the kind of impact you dream of?

Building A Legacy for your Family – The Right Way

Are you building the right kind of legacy?

I wanted to build off that by showing you an amazing example.

It’s actually my daughter Lexa!

See, a few years back I started letting her help me with my DSF biz.

Not only did she get the hang of things quickly…

But in a matter of no time she was able to do this all on her own…

And made enough money to buy herself a new Jeep – at only 16 years old!

building a legacy for your family the right way

Turns out though, that was just the beginning…

Because not long after she was also able to buy her own RV! 

This way she could roadtrip with mom and dad during the summer.

It’s a 2014 31’ A class she found a great deal on, because it needed a little TLC.

When she first got it she spent night and day out in 35 degree weather working on it…

Removing the decals and buffing it so it looked like new.

who is digital storefronts program for

If you’re going to spend the money… might as well make it your own, right!?

Anyways, here’s why I’m sharing all this:

When it comes to leaving behind a legacy, the first thing we usually think of is leaving behind money.

Or if not money… 

Then property or other physical things.

But what about a spiritual legacy?

Passing down the values of hard work, kindness, and generosity?

See, my daughter was there watching when I started with nothing.

We stepped out of full-time youth ministry after 17 long years…

We had nothing in the bank and nothing in retirement.

But as I’ve put in the work and built my DSF biz into what it is today…

I’ve been able to show her first-hand that you CAN change your situation in life if you put your mind to it.

You CAN reach even the biggest of goals…

Even the ones other people might laugh at.

You just have to take action and stick with things!

And now as I’ve watched Lexa grow up into a responsible, determined young woman…

She impresses me every day with her hard work and dedication.

It makes me proud to see her go out and create the life she wants – rather than setting for whatever life throws her way!

And even though at first I never could’ve imagined it as a “side effect” to starting my DSF biz…

I’d like to think that the choices I’ve made and hard work I’ve put in over the past 5-6 years played a role in that

Is your current lifestyle building a legacy for your family that you’d be happy to pass to them later?

Is it the kind of legacy you want?

And if your answer is no…

Think about the work you do, the resources you have, and the time and energy you have available to devote to others.

Which of these needs to change in order to pass on the right kind of legacy…

…and what steps could you take today to start making those changes?

Building A Business As A Couple

Have you and your spouse ever dreamed of financial freedom?

One of the questions I get asked in DSF is…

Can married couples “tag-team” in DSF?

Back before I discovered DSF…

I spent years looking for an internet-based business me and my wife could run together.

I wanted us both to have:

  • Stable finances (so important in today’s economy)
  • Satisfaction for the work we’re doing
  • The TIME to serve and minister in the ways we wanted

So I started looking into all of these potential internet businesses that promised to give us all of that. 

But unfortunately… 

I quickly discovered that most of those businesses weren’t exactly ethical. 

Many of them even told us we’d have to pay TWICE…

Since we were “technically” two different people.

How absurd!

Luckily DSF is perfect for couples who’d like to work on their business together.

Not only can you both join under one enrollment…

(While still getting full access to the course and our DSF Community)

But by now we have dozens of couples inside DSF who’ve already proven this can be done as a 2 person team!

In some cases, the man handles prospecting and talking with clients…

While the wife works behind the scenes to build the DSF sites.

Other couples do it the opposite way…

Many simply share the workload evenly doing a little bit of both!

Marriage is special and I’m sure what works for one couple will be a whole lot different than what works for you 🙂

But the point is…

Building a business as a couple with Digital Storefronts is possible.

building a business as a couple

Tackling DSF as a team is not only possible – but I’d even say it gives you a HUGE advantage.

Because there is a learning curve that comes with this.

And even though the over-the-shoulder style training we provide in the program eliminates most of it…

Having 2 brains to work together and get the hang of things is always better than one!

So please – whether you’re already in DSF, or are still on the fence about it…

Don’t ever feel like you have to do this on your own!

You’re more than welcome to invite your spouse to join along, if that’s what works best for you.

Plus you’ll have all the other married couples in our group to go to for help too!

Anyways, I hope this helps if instead of going into business alone…

You’ve been considering sharing the journey with your spouse.

Our doors are open to both of you!

What would having an online biz mean to you and your spouse?

What kind of goals would it help you accomplish?

What kind of opportunities would it open up for both of you? 

Will it help you in your goal of building a legacy for your family?

Discover how our members our working on the legacy they will be passing on to their family!