Who is Digital Storefronts Program For? Is DSF Only For Ministers?

“Who is Digital Storefronts Program for?”

“What makes someone a good fit to the DSF Program?”

“Is DSF only for ministers?”

“What are ways for pastors to make extra money from this program?”

These are questions I’ve been getting a lot lately, so I figured I’d answer it here in case you’re asking the same thing!

who is digital storefronts program for; ways for pastors to make extra money

Short answer is.. Nope! DSF is not only for ministers.

Inside our community of Digital Tentmakers are Christians from all walks of life.

Pastors, ministers, community workers, teachers… Doesn’t really matter actually.

So who is Digital Storefronts Program for?”

The Digital Storefronts Program is perfect for just about anyone who wants more freedom, more control over their finances, and a business they can use to help others!

I talk a lot about ministers in my post only because that’s how this all started.

At the time I had just stepped out of youth ministry after 17 long (but amazing) years…

And when I first started getting results with this business..

The first people I shared it with were other ministers who wanted the same things as me:

ways for pastors to make extra money

But again, these days the DSF Program is open to all 🙂

The only things that make someone a good fit to the Digital Storefronts Program…

Is that they’re hardworking, ready to learn, and bring a positive attitude.

In fact, one of the main reasons I love DSF so much…

Is that it’s for anyone who wants to create their own opportunities in life.

And today I want to share a perfect example!

It’s actually my daughter Lexa. Over time I’ve been teaching her how to do what I do.

Not only has she been successful enough to buy her own Jeep

But now she also bought her first RV, to roadtrip with me and mom this summer!

It’s a 2014 31’ A class she found a great deal on, because it needed a little TLC.

She bought it back in January (sorry, been slow in getting around to writing this!)

And she was out from dusk until dawn in 35 degree weather getting to work!

She’s removing all the decals and then we’re going to buff it so it looks like new.

If you’re gonna spend the money.. might as well make it your own, right?

Anyway, here’s why I wanted to share all this with you:

Lexa is going to be graduating college this spring…

And while she could’ve followed a more “normal” lifestyle and job opportunities..

(Which by no means is there anything wrong with that!)

Instead she’s creating the life that SHE wants.

To be able to travel and live in the places that excite her the most…

And spend more of her time doing the things she loves!

This young lady continues to impress me every day with her hard work and dedication.

It’s definitely been paying off!

Now once she graduates we’re gonna roadtrip as a family to help her find where she wants to live after college.

It really makes me proud to see that she’s not just settling for whatever life throws her way.

Best part is? By now she’s one of just hundreds of people who have taken this Digital Tentmaking skillset

And turned it into a vehicle to live the life they want.

Whether that’s to freely follow your calls to ministry…

To travel the country in an RV and live life on your own terms…

Or to simply be able to give back more to those in need…

DSF is the best way I know of to accomplish any and all of those things.

And that is who is Digital Storefronts Program for!

Yes, you don’t have to be a minister or a pastor or a church worker.

Even your own kids and family members can benefit from learning DSF.

Actually, we have a few DSF members who goes through the training materials with their kids.

Some of them already have their kids earning from the lessons in DSF!

In the case of my family, I know that this is just the beginning for Lexa, and I can’t wait to see how these next few years of her life unfold 🙂

I would like your and your family to experience life too, in your own terms.

It is people like YOU who is Digital Storefronts Program for.

Join the other Christians in the Program learn a valuable Tentmaking skill that will pay off for your family in the years to come.