Why Digital Storefronts Is The Best Recession-Proof Business To Start

Digital Storefronts Is A Recession-Proof Business

During the past couple of years, I’ve gotten tons of “panic” emails from people on the fence about joining Digital Storefronts.

With the economy taking a huge hit, a lot of people have felt more uncertain about their futures than ever before…

They saw the economic devastation of the pandemic… many of them lost their jobs

And they don’t want it to ever happen to them again. 

Now more than ever, people are wondering about what could be the best recession-proof businesses to start.

But unfortunately…

A recession-proof business usually requires a lot of training and expertise. 

You can’t just wake up one day and decide to be a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, etc. 

All of those things take years (and lots of money). 

There’s only 1 thing I’ve found that’s totally recession-proof but does NOT require all that time and money… 

And that thing is building and renting Digital Storefronts.

What are Digital Storefronts?

Simply put, digital storefronts are digital real estate.

When someone types in, Mexican Food in Austin Texas…

Google will display the top 3 Mexican restaurants in Austin, Texas..

Those are digital storefronts.

It’s like Google being a huge piece of “digital land”…

And YOU owning a piece of that land as a Digital Landlord.

Why Is Building and Renting Digital Storefronts A Recession-Proof Business?

Here’s why: 

Since Digital Storefronts make money by sending leads to local businesses

And since local businesses need leads more than ever in a recession… 

You’re practically guaranteed to have booming business in any economic conditions. 

In fact, many of our members got their BIGGEST deals during the height of the pandemic! 

Best of all…

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this. 

Even my teenage daughter has a small Digital Storefronts business she runs for spending money — she actually just bought a new Jeep. 🙂 

Is what we do as Digital Tentmakers affected by all the economic craziness?

Do you want to hear the crazy truth?

2020 to 2021 has actually been a GOOD year for those who got Digital Tentmaking skills!

Even though so many business owners (including online businesses) have sadly taken a hit…

best recession-proof businesses to start

The work we do has actually become more helpful to others than ever before.

And here’s why:

The majority of business owners we help run small family-owned, service-based businesses.

Usually these are businesses like…

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Concrete workers
  • Kitchen remodelers
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Fence builders
  • Handymen
  • And so many more…

These are all honest, hardworking people that are great at what they do…

But they just don’t know how to get new customers in the door using the internet!

And given all the shut downs and how much business has shifted online this past year…

You basically HAVE to know how to do that these days in order to get by.

So not only is the work we do as digital tentmakers needed now more than ever, because we’re providing these business owners with the means to reach new customers..

But since these types of businesses will always be in need..

(A bad economy won’t stop people from needing a handyman or a plumber, for example!)

We get the added benefit of security for our business and our families no matter what else is going on in the world.

Plus by providing these needed services in our communities, we also get to..

  • Help that business owner provide more for their own family too
  • Secure our finances by providing a valuable service to someone else, in exchange for a fair fee
  • Spend more time serving because each digital tent requires little to no maintenance work!

Why Starting a Recession-Proof Business is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Many of the business owners I work with tell me they thank God for having made our paths cross…

Because otherwise their business would have taken a huge hit this year and could have potentially even closed down altogether.

So as Digital Tentmakers we get to go out every day and provide this kind of value to others…

digital tentmakers

And it’s work that I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do.

Thanks to the Lord having led me onto this path 5 years ago, I’ve been able to shield my family from all the craziness of this past year…

But the best part is that my work has let me help dozens of other business owners keep their families secure too!

I’m not sure if I would’ve had the means to make a positive impact on the lives of so many others if it wasn’t for what I do now.

So with all that being said…

One of my main missions in life has become to give ALL my brothers and sisters the chance to become Digital Tentmakers.

My 2022 Predictions

What’s 2022 going to be like?

To be completely honest with you.. I have no idea!

But here’s what I think is important to think about:

To a certain extent, it almost doesn’t matter what’s going to happen this year.

Whether it’s more shut downs, political drama, or who knows what…

The truth is we always have some level of power to improve our situation anyway.

I mean, many Digital Tentmakers I know have had an amazing 2020 and 2021 even with all the craziness that happened.

Including lots of total beginners!

Despite all the chaos, they sat down and dedicated time to learning a new skill..

They stuck with things and figured out how to put that skill to good use..

Putting together a recession-proof business piece by piece, block by block…

And the result is that their lives look much different now than they did 12 months ago!

A lot of these students were even seeing amazing results during March and April of 2020, when things were at their “worst”.

So even when the world felt like it was crashing down right on top of us… 

They tried their best to block out the noise and focus on what’s important to them, 

And were able to make positive changes to their lives anyway.

So even if we feel like what’s going on out there in this crazy world is holding us back..

We can always get creative and find new ways to provide more for our families, spend more time serving, and do our part in spreading God’s word.

So if I had any sort of 2022 “predictions”…

It’s that I think the kind of year you’ll have depends on you!

We can choose to get caught up in all sorts of crazy stuff

Or we can ask the Lord to help keep us focused – so that we may instead use that energy to work towards improving our lives and the lives of those around us.

So, let me ask you..

What are your goals for 2022, and what are your plans to achieve them?

But first, what’s your GOAL for this month?

This is something I always recommend to my students.

To not just think about the “big” things you want to work towards

Whether that’s leaving your job, retiring your spouse, or funding your ministry.

But to also set small, achievable monthly goals that’ll keep you on track to actually do all those “big” things!

If you wanna shoot for the moon, that’s great.

And you totally should!

But at the same time…

Setting goals that are too far ahead of where we are now usually HURT, more than they help.

Because they don’t give us any clarity on what are the next steps we should take.

I truly believe that to be successful in Digital Storefronts, and probably with anything else in life…

Is about making small – yet consistent steps…

And to keep building momentum, to the point where nothing can slow you down!

So with that being said…

There is NO goal that’s “too small” or “insignificant”.

how to be successful in Digital Storefronts

Even things like…

“Go through 3 course modules”


“Reach out to 5 potential clients”

Or simply…

“Research on the best recession-proof businesses to start”

These are amazing goals to have!

And it’s a great place to begin building.

Because after the month of simply reaching out to 5 potential clients…

Or a few weeks after deciding on the recession-proof business you will start…

You’ll have a better hang of things, and next month you can shoot for the next milestone towards your goal!

And on and on it keeps growing from there 🙂

So again, if you don’t have a goal set for this month…

Make one!

And I highly recommend doing it at the beginning of every month.

It helps you see that you’re making progress.

And keeps you moving in the right direction!

Even if the goal you have in mind seems ‘silly’ or ‘too easy’…

It DOESN’T matter!

So if you don’t have a concrete goal for this month already…

Here’s my “action” step for you to take once you’re done reading this email:

Think of a goal – ANY goal to work towards during this next month…

Then write it down.

And then, at the end of month…

Come back to it and see if you’ve accomplished it!

If so, cross it off and set your sights on the next milestone 🙂

And if not, that’s OK too!

Sometimes we miscalculate, or life simply gets in the way.

But this is an amazing chance to re-evaluate, and see what’s more realistic to accomplish for the next month.

Then write down that updated goal and try again!

Like I say all the time, there’s no such thing as failure here.

It’s just a matter of trying something enough times until you get it right.

If you’re looking for a recession-proof business that can support you and your family regardless of the economic situation, watch my Free Training to know if this is what you’re looking for.