Best Business for Teens and Kids to Start

Due to the changing economy, it has never been more difficult for high school graduates to find a sustainable career and make a living wage.

More so, find the best business for teens to start

Look, not to get political…

But there’s simply no getting around the fact there are some serious questions about what the future will look like for our children.

However what if I said that, you can essentially have your children “opt out” of what will be a rocky, unstable future for so many Americans…

Giving them a way to thrive…

Helping them create opportunities for themselves…

What’s A Good Business for Kids to Start?

Starting a business can be a good opportunity for kids to make money and learn valuable life skills.

Young people are often discouraged from starting a business because of the many challenges that come with entrepreneurship.

But with the right guidance and education, these young entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed in their pursuits and see the benefits of their businesses in their life-long careers.

One of my students is a mother named Kris.

She’s partnered up with her teenager to launch a Mother/Son business…

best business for teens and kids to start

Together they’re landing clients, including a recent proposal for $7,500

And doing this together unearthed a brand-new skill set for her son they never knew he had, and now he enjoys more confidence than ever.

Then we’ve got Zach, who for over a year now has been teaching his kids how to do this too…

business for kids to start

Now they’re earning a steady $1,000-$2,000 a month. 

Working just a few hours a week.

But even more important is how Zach says his kids are “spoiled by entrepreneurship”

Because thanks to DSF, they understand at a young age that they can go out and create their own opportunities in life.

…and not settle for anything less.

Digital Storefronts is what I’ve found to be the Best Business for Teens

Graduating from school today is more challenging than ever.

The economy offers fewer opportunities for college-educated grads, and it’s not easy to find a career that “fits” your interests and skills—not to mention pay well enough in the long term.

I taught my own daughter Lexa how to do this too, back when she was still in high school…

Since then she’s used this business to buy herself a brand new Jeep…

How can a teenager make 1000 dollars

Then an RV…

How can a teenager make money without a job

And now, even though she finished college and found her dream job…

She still does DSF on the side to pay for ski trips with her friends.

Plus it’s comforting for me as her dad to know she’s got an invaluable skillset to fall back on.

Imagine if your child had a 6-figure business as a “backup” plan?

It’s a level of security most sadly could only dream of!

The point is, even though there are so many question marks about where our country’s heading…

The economy and job market look shakier than ever before

But you CAN still give your children a way to live the American Dream.

Creating their own opportunities (rather than looking for handouts) and enjoying a life of abundance and stability…

And DSF is the best way I’ve ever found to do that.

How can a teenager make 1000 dollars?

A conservative income from one storefront is $500 a month.

Anytime you want to make an extra money, you simply spend a few more hours building another Internet storefront.  Put their phone number in and rent it to another tenant.

You don’t have to build them all at once.

You can build one storefront for $200, rent it out, and use the $500 a month revenue to build your next Internet storefront.

Imagine having several of those stacked on top of each other.

Each generating a revenue for you month after month. 

That’s why I say that this is the best business for teens…

Because they can decide how much money they want to make, depending on their school requirements and schedules.

How can a teenager make money without a job?

With today’s technology, there are a lot of opportunities for teens to make money.

However, there’s only a few opportunities out there that can give you the freedom to live your lifestyle while making a (more than) decent paycheck.

Take my daughter, Lexa, for example.

She’s graduated from college and working on her dream job…

And still working on her DSF sites on the side!

So she can continue to have the freedom to live the lifestyle she’d always wanted…

Without having to be tied on one place, or on certain hours.

Would you like to start a business partnership with your kids?

While creating life opportunities by being trained on what I’ve found to be the best business for teens?

Would you be interested in learning more about it?

I’m sure you have ton of questions about it and how it works…

So if you’d like, all I ask is that you book a Free call with our team and we can talk through it.

This isn’t a sales call, and we’re not going to try and ‘push’ you into anything…

All I want is to see if we can help clear up any doubts you might have.

Whether you decide to join the program or not afterwards is completely up to you.

Sound fair?