Christian Business Tips: How To Be A Successful Christian Entrepreneur

Do you want to maximize your financial potential, without sacrificing your Christian values?

Are you looking for solid ways to bring success and spiritual growth in business?

Being a successful Christian entrepreneur is about more than having the right skills and knowledge; it’s also about understanding the importance of faith-based principles.

Many Christians have found that even with a strong faith, making it in this world can be challenging. But Jesus promised us that we could do all things through Him!

That means He has equipped us with everything we need to make it as entrepreneurs — if only we had something like a “blueprint” to follow.

Well then my fellow Kingdom builder – in this blog post, I’m going to share the blueprint of what it takes becoming an empowered Christian entrepreneur.  It may not be easy, but I can help guide you on the path. Together, let’s shake up your faith in this exciting new venture and discover what ideas can propel you forward.

We will look at the experiences of actual DSF students to gather Christian business tips. Their testimonials, coupled with my guidance will help lead you to success as a Christian entrepreneur.

We will also discuss digital storefronts as a Christian home-based business option. Let’s get started!

What makes a business a Christian business?

Most people get started in business…

Or chase after big promotions and fancy job titles…

For status

They want money to change how others see them.

They want flashy cars and luxury clothes to ‘improve’ their image.

Now, there’s nothing wrong about that.

But for Christian entrepreneurs, that doesn’t define them.

As a Christian entrepreneur, our main motivation for doing business is to give value in the marketplace and help others in need.

We run our businesses with integrity and are not motivated by just money alone.

Here are 3 scriptures that I strive to live by as a Christian business owner, to ensure that my operations has God’s blessing:

“For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away.” (Matthew 25:29)

Profit has always been a word that carries the most sinful connotations.

But let’s look at it differently…

If I’m able to turn a “profit” by multiplying the resources God gives me…

And if someone pays me for a product or service — that they can use to improve their own lives, business, or level of security too…

Is that not a symbol of good stewardship? 

An “abundance” of profits gives us the chance to give back so much more to others. For example, I’ve used my “profits” to…

  • Fund my ministry work at Glorieta Adventure Camps this past summer
  • Enroll my daughter in a good Christian college (which sadly is not the cheapest option out there
  • Hire people from my church and ministry to help run my business — giving them a chance to provide more for their own families too!

“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.” (Matthew 6:24)

I think a lot of us Christians share this sentiment that we need to be poor in order to be more righteous. But why? Is money really evil in itself?

christian business tips to be rich or poor

Money lets us give back to the church.

Help the needy.

Keep our families safe and happy!

When it comes to money, I believe a lot of this boils down to how we feel once we have it.

Are you using it as a tool to achieve the goals you had when you first started the business?

Are you using it to spend more time serving and giving to those who need it more?

Or do you just keep to yourself in your own world, stare at the number in your bank account in awe… not wanting a single dollar to be taken away from you?

As I always say: money in itself is inherently good!

It makes exchanges more fair, it serves as a tool to extend the kingdom, and it lets us be better stewards of God’s work.

However, one cannot serve both God and money. And it’s up to you to choose which of the two guides your life every day.

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (1 Timothy 5:8)

Who does your business serve?

There’s one big question all business people must answer:

Unfortunately, the internet today is flooded with all sorts of “business ideas” and “business opportunities” that benefit one person only: the business owner himself.

Very few are focused on serving others by providing value.

In fact, I have tried MLMs… and while everyone preached teamwork and togetherness, there’s no getting around the fact that you have to look at other people as dollar signs if you ever want to see results.

Yeah, not for me.

On the other hand, my business now wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t providing a needed service that others were happy to pay me for.

My business grows only when other peoples’ businesses are growing.

And I also believe that this is the reason God has been gracious enough to bless me with a successful business.

Does my own business provide for me and my family?

Yes, of course it does! It’s a win-win for everyone!

I believe the reason most faith-based businesses succeed is because there’s a “true reason” behind its every action.

As a Christian leader in our own business, we have a greater purpose to think about. Be that..

Providing for our family and sending our kids to a good school…

Running a profitable Christian home based business to support our spouses or ministries

Having the means to help others in need

It helps keep our businesses moving in the right directions.

Christian Business Tips: My blueprint for more abundance and more impact

You’ve worked hard and built a successful career for yourself.

You’ve supported your family, put a roof over their heads, and done everything in your power to make sure they’re well off.

And I can only imagine to get where you are now, you’ve put up with your fair share of stress…

Spent a lot of time doing work that didn’t feel impactful…

…all on top of giving up family time when work had to take priority.

However if you’re anything like so many other students of mine…

I’ll bet you DON’T want to keep doing these things forever!

And I’m here to tell you that you CAN break free…

how to be a christian entrepreneur

Start enjoying more family time, serving more and spend more time building the Kingdom…

…and in general doing more of the things you love…

All while growing your financial position PAST what you’re ‘locked’ at with your salary.

I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it happen to my students over and over again!

For example, there’s Nate Callen from Nebraska…

Ever since growing his DSF business to multiple 6-figures, he fired his boss and quit his job…

Then last year he even earned enough to upgrade to a new boat.

Something his salary at his old job NEVER would’ve given him the means to do.

What’s better than some well earned family time out on the water?

Christian home based business earn income regardless of location

But even more importantly is how in his own words, Nate says he’s “now in a position to SHARE the wealth

…contributing massive amounts to worthy causes he cares about.

All while making a positive impact on hardworking local business owners all over the country.

Then we have students like Jeff…

Less than 1 year after starting his Digital Storefronts business he said bye-bye to his job… 

Then he treated his wife to a long overdue vacation!

(Check out the pic below)

Even though Jeff was doing ok before…

He never would’ve had the flexibility to take a week or two off from work.

Imagine never again having to ask ‘permission’ from your boss…

You can just go wherever you want because YOU’RE the one who dictates your lifestyle!

Christian home based business

Then we have students like Layomi from Canada…

Thanks to DSF he’s on track to do between $3-5 Million this year.

He’s even landed himself on Dragon’s Den – the Canadian version of Shark Tank!

Christian entrepreneurs making 6 figures a month

Imagine, if you had at least $3 Million coming your way this year…

Would that help alleviate the economic pressures so many Americans – even the ones with good jobs and good salaries – are feeling these days?

Now, I want to be honest here…

I’ve shown you just 3 amazing examples of how this Christian business is changing lives…

There are literally hundreds of similar stories inside our group!

Not to mention tons of Christian business tips our students are sharing everyday!

So imagine for a moment how it’d feel to make the same kind of transformation…

Start earning a living outside the traditional 9-5 environment…

…in a way that’s more lucrative, more impactful, and more hands-off than how you earn your paycheck now?

There’s no reason you couldn’t be next!

Right now we have students growing to multiple 6-figures a year…

In some cases 6-figures a month (Layomi isn’t the only one)…

What’s even more amazing is how in our family of Faith-based business owners, nobody’s making that kind of money just for the sake of making money.

We have people donating, planting churches, funding ministries…

One student just landed a $3,000 client while serving in Honduras!

Digital storefronts lets you earn make money even on vacation

Point is, the opportunities to bless and serve others with these kinds of resources are endless

Digital Storefronts: A Christian home based business

Home businesses have always been a popular option for the entrepreneurial Christian, and digital storefronts are no different!

By combining digital technology and Christian faith, you can start a powerful Christian home based business.

And here’s the best part: we’ll make it easy for you to understand how to build successful digital storefronts. Yes, even if you’re technologically challenged!

The Digital Storefronts Program is perfect for just about anyone who wants more freedom…

More control over their finances…

And a business they can use to help others!

I talk a lot about ministers because that’s how this all started.

At the time I had just stepped out of youth ministry after 17 long (but amazing) years…

And when I first started getting results with this business..

The first people I shared it with were other ministers who wanted the same things as me:

  • A way to fund their ministry themselves (no more fundraising)
  • A way to provide for their families without spending time at a job
  • Work they can do from anywhere to freely follow the missions they’re called to

These days the DSF Program is open to all – no matter the age.

We’ve seen parents team up with their young kids and teens to build Digital Storefronts, find clients and build a family business together!

They build connections, develop strategies, and reimagine how they might do business in a whole new way – taking chances, leaping into adventures and tapping into skills they didn’t know they have .

The only things that make someone a good fit to the Digital Storefronts Program…

Is that they’re hardworking, ready to learn, and bring a positive attitude.

In fact, one of the main reasons I love DSF so much…

Is that it’s for anyone who wants to create their own opportunities in life.

So what are you waiting for to take action?

How can I glorify God through a successful business?

Not long ago I hosted a Virtual Training Event…

Over 250 people showed up – both experienced marketers and total beginners…

…then I DONATED every dollar we “made” from ticket sales to the John 3:17 Ministry!

how to glorify God through a successful business
Digital Storefronts donated proceeds to a ministry

This is the position my Christian home based business puts me in and honestly I never could’ve imagined being able to make this kind of impact.

I’m able to organize others…

I have the time and financial resources to serve in the ways I feel called to…

I mean, not too long ago $19,000 was almost half my entire year’s salary.

There’s no way I could’ve done anything like this back then.

But now I’m in a position where my finances are stable enough…

I can “make” $19,000 and literally just give all of it to someone who needs it more.

Without feeling ANY stress about my bills, retirement, or what I’ll be able to leave behind for my daughter.

Isn’t that the kind of lifestyle you’re wanting too?

I know, you might be thinking it sounds crazy to try starting a business right now…

But you also have to think –

There’s so many people out there who could use your help and your service now more than ever.

How much longer will you keep letting your current lifestyle hold you back?

I believe that God does extraordinary things for us in extraordinary circumstances.

But it’s not enough to pray and wish things will happen…

You need to take action and give yourself the skills, the opportunities, and the relationships required to succeed!

Christian Leaders and Entrepreneurs Gathered to Make History

Over 170 Christians from all the Nation gathered together before 2022 ended…

They walked into the room with the same goals you probably have too.

Searching for…

– More Abundance

– More Income

– More Impact

– And an opportunity to spend time with each other trading Christian business tips

…well after 2 days of LIVE training that’s exactly what they’re making a reality!

Cory Long and Digital Storefronts Live Event 2022

Less than an hour after the event ended, the reaction we got on Facebook was amazing to see too…

Plus we even hosted a worship service that had some people in tears – as they woke up and started realizing everything they’ve ever dreamed of…

The kind of meaningful impact they know they were put here for…

…is finally right within their grasp.

The reason I’m sharing this is because every single person I’ve ever met, in 5 years teaching other people how to do this…

Is that in the beginning they were ALL riddled with fear, uncertainty, and skepticism.

But at a certain point, they decided to walk the path of trust, love and abundance…

Now they’re fulfilling their dreams and having the kind of impact they never could’ve imagined.

And there’s no reason you can’t be next.

See, this path has been paved and walked by over 1,000 others already…

I’ve even had the privilege of meeting many of them in person at our live events (just like in the pictures above)…

So what are you waiting for to follow in their footsteps – and achieve your income and impact goals too?

As a faith based business owner, your business is not just about making money. It’s about glorifying God and impacting the Kingdom.

But how do you go about doing that? Our community of Christian leaders and entrepreneurs should help get you started.

And if you want to take action now to make more impact for the Kingdom, sign up for our free training. We’ll show you how to use your gifts and talents to create a business that makes a difference.