Starting & Growing a Christian Home Based Business

Are you looking for a way to use your faith to impact the lives of others?

Have you been searching for an opportunity that allows you to work from home and be around your family more?

A Christian home business may be the perfect solution for you!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to stay motivated when things get tough, how to push through challenges, and who this opportunity is right for. So, whether you are just getting started or have been running your Christian based business for awhile, this guide is for you!

Building His Kingdom in Modern Times – For Christians wanting to serve more and bless more

Digital Storefronts community in 2023 following the bible teachings on wealth creation

“Who provides food for the raven when its young cry out to God, and wander about for lack of food?”

Job 38:41

In today’s world…

🌎 More and more families are going hungry

🌎 Churches are closing at a record pace

🌎 Worthy causes go ignored and under-funded

That’s why I always say…

Having great financial resources *can* be a great thing.

…depending on your true intentions!

Because, put to good use

(not hoarded for yachts, big houses and luxury cars…)

It can bless lives and be used as a tool to build His kingdom.

Which is why 10 years ago I set out with a simple goal for me and my wife:

Find a new way to earn a living that’s free of any location and time constraints.

This way I could write my own paycheck and most importantly…

…have the freedom to travel, serve, help others, and go wherever He wants me to go.

It wasn’t an easy journey…

I wish I could tell you I hit it out of the park on the 1st go.. or the 2nd… or even the 3rd!

But eventually, when I was just about ready to quit…

I stumbled across this simple skillset called Digital Storefronts.

It changed everything for me!

And now for the past 8 years I’ve been living out that dream.

✔️ I’m completely location independent, and I take my “work” with me while traveling around the country to help out at local churches.

✔️ I’m able to donate what used to be a full year’s wages to worthy causes.

✔️ And it’s even the little things… like being able to pay for my wife’s MS treatments without stressing over the bills.

Christian home business Cory Long Digital Storefronts

Now if you’re one of those Christians like me who’s wanting to do something “outside the box”…

To have a way to obtain greater freedom, and be of greater service to Him and all those in need…

Then put simply, you have to check this out.

He did it for me… and I believe He’s prepared to do it for you too.

What is a Christian business?

A Christian based business is an endeavor that seeks to honor God through work and provide products or services with a mission built around faith.

These types of businesses are unique in that they have the potential to make a positive difference in the world while allowing you to embrace your Christian faith.

Why Consider Starting A Christian Home Business and How Can It Benefit You and Your Family?

There are many benefits to starting a Christian home based business. Not only can you use your faith to make a difference in the world, but you can also enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working from home.

Working from home allows you to be more present with family, create a schedule that works for your lifestyle, and provide additional income for your family.

How to start a faith based business?

Starting a Christian home business isn’t always easy, but it can be done.

The first step is to identify the right opportunity for you and create an action plan. You want to make sure that you choose something that resonates with your values and will give you the opportunity to use your faith in unique ways.

Here in Digital Storefronts, I’ve gotten a ton of questions from people asking me if the Digital Storefront Program is right for them…

I think Digital Storefronts is perfect if you are experiencing any of these:

1)Your current job pays the bills, but you’re not happy with the lifestyle it’s locking you into.

Many of our students in DSF were already living comfortably – making money on their day jobs, paying the bills and providing for their families with their salary…

But it was the TIME it took to work that job that was killing them.

Digital Storefronts is right for you if you want time freedom from a Christian home based business

Either they barely had time for their families.

Or no extra time for their church or any hobbies..

Many just hated being confined to a schedule!

Digital Storefronts (DSF) is perfect if all you want to do is open up your laptop, put in an hour or two of work in the morning, then move on and enjoy the rest of your day.

It’s also perfect if you want to be able to work from anywhere…

While taking care of your kids…

Or doing ministry full-time (like me!)

2) You’re sick of all current messaging that surrounds creating your own business online

You’ve all heard of things like MLMs, Affiliate Marketing, etc. as a way to create an online business

But the thing is…

Digital Storefronts is completely DIFFERENT from all of them!

First, because you get to provide real value to others.

It’s the only place where marketing and good values come together

Letting you make a real positive impact on the lives of others.

Second, the fees you charge are based on value provided.

NOT number of hours worked!

For a lot of people who jump in DSF, they’re in an okay spot financially…

But it’s simply the TIME it took to earn their income that was leaving them feeling frustrated.

Now, does DSF give you the opportunity to make money in a way that’s mostly hands-off?

You bet!

Myself and dozens of my students have been able to do it.

However.. it also DOES require a little bit of work to get to that point.

I mean, all legitimate business model does right?

And I think this is what I love most about DSF.

It’s not about getting lucky, or being a ‘gifted’ salesman or businessman.

If you’re willing to put in the effort now and actually build the business…

It WILL reward you 100 times over!

3) You want your business to actually provide value to others!

As a Christian, this is a big one for me when I was looking at Christian business opportunities.

Sure, I wanted to improve our financial situation and spend more time with my family…

But, I wasn’t willing to do any hard selling or other unethical tactics to get there.

I still wanted to serve others!

I still wanted to make a positive impact through a faith based business.

Which of the Christian business opportunities is the best to start? Finding the Right Opportunity

There are several Christian home business opportunities out there. But I believe Digital Storefronts is a perfect fit if you’re looking for:

– a faith based business that is location independent so you get to do it on your own schedule.

– a Christian home based business that is practically immune to economic downturns.

– Just like any other legitimate business, this requires an investment to get started.

– The #1 factor for success isn’t skills or prior experience… it all comes down to simply giving this an honest try!

– And above all… it’s a win-win for both you AND your clients. Meaning you don’t have to scam or deceive others just to make money online.

Answers To the Most Common Questions about the Digital Storefronts Program

In my experience coaching well over 1,000 people since 2018…

Not to mention going through this whole process myself!

…I’ve found most people don’t take action simply because they’re waiting on the answers to a few easy questions.


– How do I know this is real?

By now I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of our testimonials and case studies! And on that note there’s something you gotta see at the end of this post!

– What happens if this doesn’t work for me? 

There’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee that covers you in case you change your mind and want out of DSF. It’s good for 30 days after joining.

– How long will it take to see results?

Some students have gotten their first clients in a matter of weeks. Others a few months. It all depends on you! However, the bottom line is… stick with it and be consistent, and I’m confident you’ll get the results you’re wanting.

These are just 3 of the most common questions I get…

So please – if there is anything else at all you’d like to know…

ANY other doubts I could clear up…

It’s just that I don’t want a silly hangup to be the reason you let this Christian home based business opportunity pass you by.

Setting Goals and Making A Plan to Achieve Your Dreams

Digital Storefronts Christian home business opportunity

If you’ve tried to obtain the laptop lifestyle in the past…

Tried to start a business in your own home…

But eventually things fizzled out and you never quite hit your goals…

This simple theory might explain why.

It’s called “The Dip”, and credit here goes to Seth Godin.

He explains the whole idea brilliantly in his book called “The Dip”

I highly recommend checking it out but for now I’ll sum it up quick so that you get the idea 😃

“The Dip” is all about how, with anything new we set out to try in life…

Whether that’s a business, a hobby, or learning a new skill…

There’s always a critical moment where things get hard

And at that moment we’re faced with a choice:

Either give up…

Or keep going!

This fork-in-the-road moment is what’s called “The Dip”, and it looks something like this…

Seth Godin The Dip

See, as soon as the fun of the beginner stages wears off…

Where up until then we’ve been learning tons of new things, and making a ton of progress…

Now is when things start getting tough.

And results get harder to come by.

And most people, what they do unfortunately…

Is jump ship.

Even though the results they wanted were right around the corner!

All they had to do was stick with things a little bit longer.

Just to be transparent, I’ve even seen this inside DSF.

While hands down I believe this is the best path for Christians wanting to obtain the laptop lifestyle…

That doesn’t mean it’s always gonna be easy. 

And I can practically guarantee you’ll encounter a few “dips” where things don’t go your way!

Could be you’ve got a tricky site that won’t rank as easily as you hoped.

Maybe the site’s perfect, ranking all the way at the top of Google…

But after calling 10 different biz owners to try and strike a deal, they all told you “no thanks”.

The point is, there will ALWAYS be “dips” that put you to the test.

And it’s how you react that makes all the difference.

If you’ve tried to obtain the laptop lifestyle in the past – what choices did you make when you encountered “The Dip”?

Can you honestly say you tried your hardest to push through and make things work?

…or did you get frustrated and start putting in less effort, eventually letting things slip away altogether?

Something to reflect on…

‘Cause all the biz-building tools in the world won’t do much if you’re not pushing yourself when things get hard!

Undeniable proof this is “real” and better than other Christian home based business opportunities out there – A Community of Support for Your Journey

Over 170 people from all corners of the Nation flew down to Texas to join me at our last Digital Storefronts LIVE Event!

Digital Storefronts live event with Cory Long 2022 bible teachings on wealth creation
Digital Storefronts Christian home business opportunity
community of Christians to support your journey to a Christian home based business

These are people who already invested in DSF, and in some cases have been with me for years.

So why would people who’ve already invested time and money with me…

Want to spend even more time and money with me?

Well, think about it.

If you’ve tried any of the million other online “business” programs out there…

How many of them would you feel comfortable devoting more time and money to?

Are there any at all?

My students keep showing up to all my trainings, challenges, and live events because they know the value they’re getting.

But even then, I’d never ask – or even want – you to jump into DSF sight unseen.

Which is why the next step for now is to simply go through this Free Training…

It will give you enough information on how we build Digital Storefronts and make income out of it.

Next, if it catches your interest, go ahead and book a call with us…

On the call we’ll answer your questions, show you how this works, and clear up any doubts you have.

Then we’ll step back and give you the space you need, to make the right decision for you and your family.

Sound fair?

If so, click below to access the Free Training.