How to Successfully Mix Money, Faith and Business for An Abundant Life

Money, faith and business are often seen as completely opposite concepts that cannot co-exist. However, many successful entrepreneurs have realized that combining the them can be beneficial for their Christian business.

Combining faith and business can be daunting, but with this blog post you’ll have the essential guide to starting your own Christian-based business.

From Christian based business tips to home business opportunity advice, we have everything you need to know on how money and faith can help shape your success.

Discover why faith is the key to success and how having a strong connection between the two is essential for any starting Christian entrepreneur.

Christian Lie: Business and Faith Don’t Mix

In many Christian circles there’s a common LIE that gets passed around.

Maybe you’ve heard it too?

“Money, Faith and Business don’t mix.”

Now of course…

If your “business” is an MLM (aka pyramid scheme), selling junk products on Amazon, or cheating and deceiving others in order to make a buck…

Faith and business definitely don’t mix!

But thankfully these days, there are plenty of ways to earn online that are ethical.

So to say faith and business outright “don’t mix”…

Just isn’t true.

And besides, what’s the alternative?

…a 9-5?

What’s so ethical about that?!

Especially considering how in most cases…

You’re just trading away your time to some faceless corporation.

…who’s only goal is to make more money – no matter what it takes.

Never giving back to the communities they operate in… or doing just the bare minimum in terms of charity work.

(Even though they’ve likely got billions tucked away in overseas accounts.)

Doesn’t sound all that ethical to me!

Now, on the other side of that… 

Amazing Example of Money, Faith and Business mixing perfectly.

Last year I started an Epoxy business down here in Texas…

One of my latest “clients” was Glorieta Adventure Camps.

A Christian summer camp that takes kids hiking, biking, swimming – all sorts of outdoor activities to let them see and experience God’s natural creation!

I came in and laid some new flooring, which they were long overdue for…

Giving them a better deal AND higher quality of work than they would’ve gotten elsewhere.

money faith and business Digital Storefronts

And here’s something else incredible.

Since Digital Storefronts is all about helping local business owners gain more visibility online…

(because more visibility = more clients)

Countless students of mine have used this skillset to help local churches too.

Giving them a way to attract new members and spread His word!

…which is critical work considering how Christianity as a whole is in decline here in America.

So look, despite what others might tell you…

Money, Faith and Business can mix perfectly.

And if you’ve been questioning where you want to go next in life…

Or if you’re surrounded by those who poke holes in your dreams, rather than cheer you on…

I hope this helps you see that you ARE walking the right path.

And that your dreams are just as righteous as anyone else’s!

Wanted! Christian Business Owner

In recent years we’re seeing good Christian values disappear from every facet of society.

This is especially true in the marketplace

Where greed and selfishness are running rampant.

I’m sure you’ve seen this yourself with all the online “opportunities” getting pushed these days!

Not only are they unethical, if not an outright scam…

But these days people care more about Lamborghinis than giving coats to those who spend the winter shivering.

…praying for the spring to arrive early.

Apostle Paul would be ashamed.

See, he knew what it meant to provide a valuable service at a fair price.

One that does good for the community.

Then put the income you earn doing it towards something even better.

Even if that’s as simple as providing for your family and giving them everything they deserve.

money faith and business home opportunity

But that’s not how things are now.

And even worse, all the Christians who avoid things like entrepreneurship because they believe it’s “evil”…

…are only adding to the problem.

By opening up the doors for non-believers to come in and get away with doing whatever they please.

So listen, here’s why I’m sharing all this with you.

If you feel called to entrepreneurship and the marketplace…

Because you see the kind of freedom and abundance it could open up for you…

The time to get off the sidelines and ACT is now!

Especially when you have something like DSF right in front of you…

Where the work we do for hardworking, local businesses actually spreads Christian values.

Reviving Apostle Paul’s idea of trading valuable services for a fair reward!

There are those out there who only complain about all the problems we’ve got to deal with today.

But then there are those who are stepping up and taking action.. to make our country and our communities a better place.

Which side are you going to be on over the next 2-3 years?

If the answer’s obvious (you’d be surprised, it’s not for everyone…)

Then I invite you to book a free, no-pressure DSF Breakthrough call with someone from my team.

Which you can do by clicking here.

We’ll go over all the ins and outs of the program, let you ask all the questions I’m sure you have…

Then step away and let you make the right decision for you.

Sound fair?

Then go here to book your call.

And I look forward to seeing YOU inside our community of Kingdom-driven impact makers.

Unethical Businesses: False Teachers And Their Scams

When I first set out to live the ‘laptop style’, and create a stream of totally location independent income…

The hardest part was finding something ethical.

The sea of online scams and shady pyramid schemes did NOT make it easy!

And frankly…

It made me want to just give up more than a few times.

But here’s the good news.

Now that I’ve “been around the block”, so to speak…

I’ve learned it’s pretty easy to separate the scams and false leaders, from the few real opportunities that let you do good work.

Here it is:

If they only talk about how much money you can “make”, but never touch on HOW you actually make it…

It’s not something you want to go near.

See, all these shady “businesses” try to hide the fact you have to deceive, cheat, and mislead others in order to make a buck.

Yet on the other side of that…

With DSF I’ve got nothing to hide!

For example…

– I consider this a skillset more than a business. Which means you have to learn something new in order to be successful.

– There’s no “overnight” results with this… and typically it takes 3-4 months at a minimum to start gaining serious traction.

– And with DSF, you earn by working with real clients who need your services. Not by selling random products to strangers.

Now compare that to the usual junk like…

“Make $10,000 a month clicking these 3 buttons… just don’t look where that money’s coming from!”

…and it’s not hard to see why our DSF community has grown to over 1,230 members and counting.


This is finally giving Christians the ethical opportunity they’ve been looking for to break free… 

…living out their lives in service to their families and the Kingdom.

Not chained to a desk where they’re of no good use to anybody but their boss.

(Sorry to sound harsh.. but it’s true!)

Anyways that’s all I got for you today.

Whether you’re considering DSF, or something else entirely…

I hope this gives you clarity narrowing in on whatever opportunity is right for you.

Christian Business Advice: Building A Successful Business Online

christian business tips to build a successful business online

Trying to create a stream of online income, so that you can live a life of freedom and abundance?

Well here are Christian business tips I’ve learned over the years that’ll help!

1. Wherever it is you sit down at your computer to get to work, put a big “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the door.

If you’re going to work… then work

Cutting out potential distractions will help you get a lot more done, in a whole lot less time.

2. Think of what your biggest goals are – the real reason why you’re doing all this… Then write it out by hand and keep it next to your computer.

Look, bumps in the road will always come along and try to throw you off course.

Making you doubt your decisions… 

Or thinking you should ‘just be happy’ with how life was before.

But I’ve found having a clear reminder of WHY I’m doing this quickly snaps me out of it.

…and helps me break free from this kind of negative thinking!

3. Plan for the long term.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this, but there’s no such thing as overnight success.

So whether you’re considering DSF, or something else entirely…

I recommend approaching it with the mindset of:

“It will take at least 6 months until I see any results.”

This might seem trivial, but it makes a HUGE difference.

Because it takes pressure off your soldiers that you need results – and need them now.

That’s just not how things work! 

And embracing that from the start will help keep you focused over the long term.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you today. 

I hope and pray you found these 3 tips useful… 

You’d be surprised how often it’s the “little” things like this, that make all the difference.

Combine these 3 tips with a valuable skillset like Digital Storefronts… and you’re stacking all the odds in your favor to succeed.

Which is why hundreds of Christians from all over the Nation have joined our community already!

If you’re interested – but have questions you’d like answers to…

Then I invite you to book a Free Discovery Call with someone from my team.

Which you can do by clicking here.

What is the meaning of faith in business?

When it comes to business, faith means believing that you are capable of achieving success through hard work and dedication.

It means having the courage to keep going when times get tough and staying true to your core values.

As a Christian entrepreneur, it is essential to have faith not only in yourself but also in the products and services that you offer.

Having a strong belief in the impact that your business can make on society and its customers will help propel you forward even when things seem impossible.

How do you build your own business that is based on faith?

Building a faith based business starts with setting clear goals, having an understanding of how money works, and putting the two together.

he first step is to decide what kind of business you want to create and why you’re passionate about it. This will help you stay focused on your mission and keep you motivated as you work towards success.

As a Christian entrepreneur, combining both money, faith and business can help create an abundant life that is full of positivity and success.

By having faith in yourself and the products or services you offer, taking control of your finances, and committing to your goals, you’ll have all the tools necessary to create a successful business.

Why is faith a key to a profitable business?

Faith is a key to success because it encourages us to stay focused and motivated, even when things get tough.

Faith also allows us to trust the process and be open to new opportunities that come our way.

As Christian business owners, having faith in ourselves, our products and services, and the impact that our business can have on society are all important components for success.

If you feel you’re being called to Christian entrepreneurship

Then I invite you to get the Free Training which you can start implementing right away.

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