Is Digital Storefront Business Right For You? Check out this list!

I’ve gotten a TON of questions from people asking me if the Digital Storefront Program is right for them…

So I figured I’d list out here who I think it’s perfect for — just in case you had the same question!

Is a Digital Storefront business right for you? Check this list!

1)Your current job pays the bills, but you’re not happy with the lifestyle it’s locking you into.

We’ve had plenty of DSF’ers join who were comfortably paying all the bills with their jobs or salary…

But it was the TIME it took to work that job that was killing them.

Either they barely had time for their families.

Or any extra time for their church or any hobbies..

Many just hated having to let someone else dictate their schedule!

Digital Storefronts (DSF) is perfect if all you want to do is open up your laptop, put in an hour or two of work in the morning, then move on and enjoy the rest of your day.

It’s also perfect if you want to be able to work from anywhere on the planet!

We have students who do this while doing ministry full-time (like me!)

Others who do it while traveling the world..

One student spends all his newfound free time helping his wife play video games online!

The point is, no matter what kinda lifestyle you’re looking to build for yourself and your family

DSF is the best tool I’ve ever discovered to help make it happen.

Digital Storefronts Reviews: From 50-hour a week employee to 6-figures online

I wanted to share a quick story from one of my DSF students, Nate.

4 years ago, Nate worked 50 hours a week at a clothing store.

He wasn’t in a position where he was struggling to get by…

But he wasn’t exactly “thriving” either.

And maybe just like you, he knew he wanted more out of life.

The financial means to make a greater impact and donate to worthy causes…

And the TIME to simply do the things he loves!

So how’d things change when he came across DSF?

“God kinda just led me into the right path. I was an employee for a while and He brought me this video online and I took a chance at it because I just didn’t like working for somebody… but that’s what led me to this and I’ve been doing this for 4 years.”

Like I said, Nate was just a regular guy when our paths first crossed 4 years ago.

He had no former business experience…

He hated sales and didn’t know the first thing about building websites…

Yet he took the Digital Storefront business model and ran with it — and it only took him 6 months before he was able to QUIT his job and do this full-time!

Not to mention he now makes more than 6-figures a year thanks to DSF…

Most of 2020 I would say I averaged 10 hours a week — that’s basically nothing! If you get to the point where I’m at you can pick and choose the kinda work you want to take on. Once you build everything it’s not a time-suck at all… and you can make an easy 6 figures doing this.

This isn’t a get-rich quick. This is a REAL business! You can actually get your time back after you built the business here. Do the work and you will get there! Technologically-wise it’s not that difficult. and you’re providing a HUGE value to a lot of people.”

Now, I’m willing to bet there’s millions of people out there who can only dream of doing what Nate did.

Quit your job and earn a full-time income working 10 hours a week?

That sounds absurd!

But what’s even crazier is that Nate is just one of hundreds of students who joined DSF, put in the work, and completely changed their lives.

Now of course, none of this means DSF is all fun and games!

Which brings me to the 2nd thing I think describes who this is perfect for…

2) You’re sick of all current messaging that surrounds creating an online business

It seems like everywhere I look these days there’s someone shouting about some ridiculous new get-rich-quick “opportunity”.

“In just 2 clicks you’ll make $10,000 this month!”

I’m sure you’ve heard these kinds of wild promises time and time again.

And what it always makes me wonder is…

What ever happened to a fair bit of work, in return for a fair reward?

Now, does DSF give you the opportunity to generate an online income in a way that’s mostly hands-off?

You bet!

Myself and dozens of my students have been able to do it.

However.. does it also require a little bit of work to get to that point?

Sure does!

In the end, what kind of legitimate business doesn’t?

And I think this is what I love most about DSF.

It’s not about getting lucky, or being a ‘gifted’ salesman or businessman.

If you’re willing to put in the effort now and actually build the business…

It WILL reward you 100 times over!

And I think that’s a pretty fair trade, wouldn’t you agree?

3) You want your business to actually provide value to others!

digital storefronts reviews is digital storefronts course right for you

As someone who spent 17 years in full-time youth ministry, this was a BIG one for me.

Yes — I wanted to improve my financial situation and give my family better opportunities..

But I was NOT willing to do any sort of “hard selling” or other unethical “tactics” to get there.

I still wanted to help others! 

Even if it might be in an unconventional way, through things like business.

Now at first, I spent a few YEARS searching for the right thing, trying all sorts of different “businesses”…

And while sure, I guess you could say they worked..

It wasn’t hard to see they weren’t based on providing any real value to others.

This completely changed when I stumbled across the Digital Storefront business!

And just to give you an example of how this business makes such a great impact on the lives of other hardworking Americans..

What I do for my clients with DSF has kept many local businesses alive during the worst months of 2020…

When they might’ve had to close their doors for good otherwise.

Including a Limo Service owner who I’ve worked with for over 4 years now..

He’s a great guy and I LOVE working with him.

And he says without my help there’s almost no way he would’ve made it out of 2020 with his business still afloat.

Which brings me to another question often asked by those on the fence of joining our DSF community.

“Do I have to be good at sales to be success with the Digital Storefront business?”

Now, hopefully those of you who are already in the program can back me up here…

But the short answer is “NO”!

Look, I’m the furthest thing from a salesman.

In fact, when my wife and I first left full-time youth ministry and moved back to Texas, one of the first jobs I took was as a used car salesman!

But… I stunk at it.

Or better said, I almost didn’t want to be good at it.

The 2 gentlemen who owned the dealership would always urge me to use pushy sales ‘tactics’…

They’d tell me to mess around with the pricing in order to make people feel like they were getting a ‘deal’…

And the shady tactics like this just weren’t for me.

So I’m sure you can guess I didn’t last very long there!

I did take one positive thing away from my time working at that dealership though…

Which is that it helped me recognize just how many businesses out there use those same pushy, unethical sales tactics.

And really from that moment on I knew that I would never succeed in my own business ventures if I had to rely on them.

Not only was I not good at using them… but even if I was, I wouldn’t be willing to use them anyway.

This has played a huge role in how I developed my Digital Tentmaking business!

The question I asked myself at the beginning (and even now any time I speak with a potential client) is..

“How can I offer this person so much value that it’s a no-brainer to say ‘YES’ to working with me?’

In fact, this same question is what led us to developing the “Equity Offer” we use so often now!

Essentially how it works is, we can offer to help a business owner by building them a digital tent

But instead of charging a flat fee up front, what we do is ask for a small & fair percentage of the new customers that come in as a result!

So the business owner takes no risk…

And we only win when they win too!

Who would say no to that kind of deal, right?

Now, of course you still need to be able to get on the phone with someone and present your offer.

But again, I’ve never had to use any of those pushy sales tactics we all hate when someone uses them on us.

So when people ask me what’s my “secret” to getting happy clients, even though I personally couldn’t sell water in the desert…

you don't have to be good in sales to be successful with the digital storefront business

It’s to focus on the client’s needs and provide them with so much VALUE that they couldn’t possibly pass up on your offer!

Make it clear to the client (or potential client) that you only “win” when they win too.

There aren’t many people in business these days who truly have the other person’s interests at heart.

So when we come along as Digital Tentmakers

As people who only want to work with clients they know they can HELP…

It’s no wonder why so many people in our program end up working with some clients for years!

See, DSF is a true win-win for everyone!

So do any of these things resonate with you?

Then you’re in exactly the right place.

If you’ve checked all 3 above, then a Digital Storefront business may be a right fit for you. I’m giving away a Free Training to get you started!