Does Digital Storefronts Program Work – Digital Storefronts Program Review

Does Digital Storefronts Program “work”?

This is one of the questions I get asked all the time.

Especially with people on the fence and looking for a Digital Storefronts Program review.

Look, I’d love it if this was a magic bullet solution.

That anyone could join our Digital Tentmaking community, achieve their dreams…

And make a bigger impact on the Kingdom than ever before.

But here’s the reality.

Digital Storefronts, or any program for that matter…

Only ‘works’ if you do!

And with that being said…

The next question asked is…

How to succeed with Cory Long Digital Storefronts?

Here’s the one big “key” behind success that I’ve learned over the years.


how to succeed with cory long digital storefronts consistency

Because the truth behind running a business, or going into the marketplace in general…

Is that everything’s on you!

It’s up to you to learn. To try new things.

To grow and reach more people.

And most importantly…

To keep going, even when things get tough!

Because let’s face it…

There will be days where our emotions get all outta wack.

Where life throws a million things at us, and pushes us past our limits.

And days where we feel defeated, like what we’re not sure where to go next.

There’s no way around it…

We have to assume that life’s gonna throw the whole kitchen sink at us!

But here’s the good news:

Despite all the hard times we might face…

The only way to fail in this business…

Is if you gave up completely!

See, the main difference I’ve seen over the years, between those who succeed and those who “fail”…

Is the ones who succeed are the ones who show up every single day.

Even after making 200 calls and getting rejected…

They still show up with a smile for the 201st.

does digital storefronts program work digital storefronts program review

And even if they’ve plugged away at building sites for weeks, only to discover they’re not producing…

They ask for help or dive back into the program — whatever it takes to get them working!

And you’ll hear this from all of our students who gave a Digital Storefronts Program review: to just consistently do the work – doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go as long as there’s progress.

Like I said, there are gonna be plenty of days where things don’t go how we want.

Days where we’re feeling tired and beaten up.

Where all we wanna do is relax and take a break.

Happens to me all the time too!

But however you “feel” today… it doesn’t really matter.

The real question is…

Are you going to show up anyway?

Instead of asking “Does Digital Storefronts Program work?”

Ask yourself, “How can I make DSF Program work?”

If you asked me…

Consistency beats all the skills, talent and know-how in the world.

Every single time.

So next time you’re feeling down…

Or you’re feeling like motivation is low…

Just remember:

Showing up anyway, even if it’s just 15 minutes, makes all the difference in the world.

And it will also make all the difference with how to succeed with Cory Long Digital Storefronts

Maybe it’s just human nature…

But it seems like these days, we all went everything as FAST as possible.

We get frustrated when a website doesn’t load in less than 5 seconds.

We’re angry when the food we ordered takes longer than 30 minutes to deliver.

Heck, you can get basically anything you’d ever want shipped to your front door in 2 days or less.

Point is, we live in a world where we want everything…

And we want it NOW.

Unfortunately though…

This need for speed has carried over into all the wrong areas of life.

It’s especially bad when it comes to learning a new skillset, or starting a business.

So many of us want the big changes in life to happen overnight.

Anything longer than that…

And we feel like it won’t be worth the effort.

Which is a shame.

Because 99% of the time, all it takes to be successful…

Is to simply outlast the competition!

You don’t even have to be the greatest at what you do.

Chances are, everyone else is going to quit after a few months.

Meaning if you’re the last guy standing…

You’re the big winner by default!

And this holds true as to how to succeed with the Digital Storefronts Program.

Digital Storefronts Program Review: How to Succeed in Cory Long Digital Storefronts

This video is about Nate Callen’s thoughts and experience with the Digital Storefronts Program.

In this video, Nate gives advice on how to succeed with Cory Long Digital Storefronts.

He also gives a peak on how does Digital Storefronts Program work.

He believes that God led him to the right path. He was an employee for a while, then he saw our video and took his chance.

Most of 2020, he averaged 10 hours a week. When you get to the point where he’s at, you can pick and choose what work you want to take on.

He said that at some point, you know your timeslots. You can add 50 hours this week if you need to. But if you’re in ministry work and you don’t have to do that, then stick to your 10 hours a week.

Once you build everything, it’s not a time suck at all.

This process is not super difficult. If you’re not technological minded, you’re gonna have to learn it.

You’re gonna have to put the work in.

The fact that he puts 50 hours a week in his full-time job and then add another 50 hours a week working in this business for a while, you have to expect that initially.

This isn’t a get-rich quick.

This is a real business. You can actually get your time back after you build the business here.

It took him 6 months to say goodbye to his JOB. And he admits it’s a little bit premature in terms of making sure we get paid all our bills and everything. He got it done, though but that gave him a push.

He advises to “keep your head down and do the work”. That’s how to succeed in the Digital Storefronts Program.

You’ll see a lot of people asking questions.

Asking questions is fine. He learned a lot of business himself. He hasn’t been a business owner BUT he was business minded.

He said that “doing it is not the same as just reading about it.”

You’ve got to figure it out yourself. Give yourself a little patience BUT DO THE WORK.

And you’ll get there.

Technologically wise, it’s not super difficult. And you’ll be providing a huge value to a lot of people.

So, does Digital Storefronts Program “work?”

It will only “work” if YOU put in the work.

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