Is there a right time to start Digital Storefronts?

This morning a minister I know asked me an interesting question about timing:

“Hey Cory, I’m interested in your Digital Storefronts Mentorship but between my family and my ministry work there’s no way I could find the time. Do you think I should wait until I’m able to focus more on the program so I can get through it faster?”

This is a question I get fairly often, so I thought it might be helpful to others to share my response.

I think with just about anything in life there’s never going to be a “perfect” time.

Whether that’s starting a business, following a new mission, or simply picking back up an old hobby…

More often than not the time is there for us if we’re willing to make it.

And to the gentleman who asked me this question…

What I said to him was that even 5 minutes a day is better than waiting for the time to be “right”.

Because if you have a goal you want to achieve, 5 minutes a day is going to get you much, much closer than doing nothing at all..

Plus you’d be amazed how those 5 minutes turn into 10 minutes.. then into 30 minutes.. then into a full hour

And it turns out that we had the free time all along!

Even aside from all that, I believe that if the Lord is placing something in front of you — an opportunity, a challenge, a mission…

Whatever it might be, he does so fully aware of all the other stuff we have going on in our lives at that moment.

Sure, sometimes this might feel unfair.

We might feel like we’re already at our tipping point and couldn’t possibly handle anything more.

But I fully believe He shows us these challenges and opportunities anyway because he knows we can handle it!

In many cases I think we simply have to trust that the opportunity in front of us is there for a reason…

And even if 5 minutes a day is all we have to spare…

This often turns out to be the perfect foundation we can build on for long term success!

(In fact, I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is diving head first into something new, only to end up burning themselves out.)

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Blessings always,


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