Is Digital Storefronts a SCAM?


Is Digital Storefronts a SCAM?

Is Digital Storefronts a MLM?

Can really anyone be a Digital Tentmaker?”

These are a few of the questions I get – what seems like everyday – from people who want to give themselves the freedom to serve and follow their passions…

But are skeptical and don’t want to jump into something without doing their homework.

If you’re a skeptical person too then that’s a GOOD thing.

Especially when you think about all the crazy “online business” stuff that’s floating around out there these days.

So here are a few facts about Digital Storefronts:

1. Digital Storefronts is NOT a scam! 

You know, I can’t help but laugh a little any time I say that…

But again, it’s definitely better to be skeptical than not in today’s world.

Anyway, hundreds of people have joined our community by now and have seen amazing results.

For some, that’s been just supplementing their income to fund ministry work and cover any sudden expenses…

While others have gone as far as quitting their jobs to earn a living entirely from their Digital Tentmaking business!

I guess the only way you could call Digital Storefronts a “scam” is if you joined and simply didn’t do any of the work…

But never do I hide the fact that, since this is a real business, it requires work, effort, and persistence in order to see results!

2. Digital Storefronts is NOT an MLM!

Your success as a Digital Tentmaker is not in any way dependent on your ability to recruit other people and get them to sign up.

In fact, I am firmly against MLMs, Pyramid Schemes, and Network Marketing companies…

Because in order to get results you have to look at other people as dollar signs.

I simply do not agree with those who promote this kind of behavior and falsely label it as an ethical business model.

3. Yes – anyone can learn how to be a Digital Tentmaker!

The only “catch” is that it takes time and effort — there are no shortcuts here.

Does it take crazy amounts of time in order to start seeing results?

No! Of course not. I mean, the whole purpose is to use this as a way to free up your time, so that you can go out and serve and follow the missions He calls you to.

But still, just because Digital Tentmaking is simple doesn’t mean it’s an overnight solution.

However I have yet to see anyone who’s put the work in NOT see any results.

Alright, that’s it for now.

Do you have any other questions on Digital Tentmaking or my mentorship program?

Just click “reply” to let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

Your brother in Christ,


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