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Hey, it’s Cory.

Business for the Glory of God 

That’s the name of this great book I just discovered recently.

It’s filled with a TON of really interesting insights into what it’s like to be a kingdom-driven business owner.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Sometimes people think of ownership of property as a kind of “greed” that is morally tainted, and they imagine that in a perfect world people would not even own personal possessions. But the Bible does not support that idea. When god gave the command “You shall not steal” (Ex. 20:15), he affirmed the validity of personal ownership of possessions. I should not steal your car, because it belongs to you, not to me.
  • When we work to produce (for example) pairs of shoes from the earth’s resources, God sees us imitating his attributes of wisdom, knowledge, skill, strength, creativity, appreciation of beauty, sovereignty, planning for the future, and the use of language to communicate. In addition, when we produce pairs of shoes to be used by others, we demonstrate love for others, wisdom in understanding their needs, and interdependence and interpersonal cooperation (which are the reflections of God’s Trinitarian existence).
  • In fact, the Bible does not view positively the idea of retiring early and not working at anything again. Rather, work in itself is also something that is fundamentally good and God-given, for it was something that God commanded Adam and Eve to do before there was sin in the world.
  • [Shady business] actions should not be swept under the rug, but should be subject to the process of personal confrontation and church discipline that Jesus outlines in Matthew 18:15-20
  • Good stewardship, in God’s eyes, includes expanding and multiplying whatever resources or stewardship God has entrusted to you. Surely we cannot exclude money and material possessions from the application of the parable, for they are part of what God entrusts with each of us, and our money and possessions can and should be used to glorify God. 

Again, those are just a few of my favorite insights that I took note of while I was reading.

Overall this was a fantastic book and I was able to read it in an afternoon, so I highly recommend you check it out!

Got any book recommendations for me?

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