Answered: Is Digital Storefronts A Scam? Can Anyone Be a Digital Entrepreneur?

Is Digital Storefronts a SCAM?

Is Digital Storefronts a MLM?

Can anyone really be a Digital Entrepreneur?

I seem to get these questions everyday – from people who want to give themselves the freedom to serve and follow their passions.

But are skeptical and don’t want to jump into something without doing their homework.

If you’re a skeptical person too then that’s a GOOD thing.

Especially when you think about all the crazy “online business” stuff that’s floating around out there these days.

With a lot of us gotten burned one way or another, I am not surprised that people think Digital Storefronts is a scam.

So, let me answer these questions one by one.

Towards the end of this post, you’ll be able to watch one of our newcomers who found success in Digital Storefronts, the challenges they faced as a digital entrepreneur and the advice they’d give those who are in the same boat as they were.

Is Digital Storefronts a SCAM? Definitely NOT.

You know, I can’t help but laugh a little any time I say that.

But again, it’s definitely better to be skeptical than not in today’s world.

Hundreds of people have joined our community by now and have seen amazing results.

For some, that’s been just supplementing their income to fund ministry work and cover any sudden expenses.

While others have gone as far as quitting their jobs to earn a living entirely from their Digital Storefronts business!

I guess the only way you could call Digital Storefronts a “scam” is if you joined and simply didn’t do any of the work.

But never do I hide the fact that, since this is a real business, it requires work, effort, and persistence in order to see results!

Digital Storefronts is NOT an MLM!”

Last night an old friend of mine from Big Spring messaged me on Facebook to talk about business.

He said he was considering starting a business of his own.

And he asked me if I ever heard of the company he was interested in.

I hadn’t…

So I did a tiny bit of research and it turns out that it was one of those “Multi Level Marketing” companies. Sometimes referred to as “pyramid schemes” because of how you need to recruit other people to get any returns.

He’s not the first person that’s ever asked me about one of these types of businesses…

How does one earn money with the company in question?

You see, with most of these companies you do not earn anything (or very, very little) from actually providing a product or service to someone else.

Instead, you only earn money by recruiting someone else into your ‘downline’.

Now in case you’re wondering how I know this…

It’s because I’ve tried one of these darn things a few years ago!

There’s tons of them out there – including many who even try to leverage faith as a way to get people to join. They make huge promises about the potential to earn while doing little to no work.

But the truth is, less than 1% of folks who join a Multi-Level Marketing company earn any profit according to the FTC.

So you’re essentially being asked to idolize an extremely small percentage of people.

I’ve seen countless examples of goodhearted people that end up looking at their friends, family, and loved ones as dollar signs.

So they harm their relationships with those they care about, all over the hopes of building their ‘business’.

And it’s a shame too…

Because who wouldn’t want to earn an extra income from home, right?

If I didn’t want to do that.. I wouldn’t be a Digital Entrepreneur!

But where these MLMs get things wrong is their promises of overnight success for essentially zero work on your part.

What I’ve found is that many of them are very shady about what you need to do to actually see any returns.

And I think that if the business or company in question was providing real means to better the lives of other people, they should want to make that clear, don’t you think?

Yes – anyone can learn how to be a Digital Business Owner! 

The only “catch” is that it takes time and effort — there are no shortcuts here.

is digital storefronts a scam

Does it take crazy amounts of time in order to start seeing results?

No! Of course not. The whole purpose is to use this as a way to free up your time, so that you can go out and serve and follow the missions He calls you to.

Just because Digital Storefronts is simple doesn’t mean it’s an overnight solution.

As with anything, you have to put in the work to actually succeed in this.

Having to put in ACTUAL WORK to be successful doesn’t make Digital Storefronts a scam, isn’t it?

This brings me to the next questions often asked by those looking at Digital Storefronts to achieve their financial goals. 

What do Digital Storefronts newbies struggle with?

I’ve always said that Digital Storefronts will work even for total newbies.

I will walk you through building your own storefronts step-by-step.

However, you need to put in actual hours to go through the training.

Apply your learnings.

Take action.

Be persistent in making adjustments until it works for you.

As I always tell my students, “Massive imperfect action is the key.”

You don’t sit around and wait for everything to fall in place.

Watch this video to hear directly from my DSF students about the challenges they faced when they were starting. Listen to their advice to newbies who are starting on this journey.

Cory Long: Hey y’all, I’m sitting here today with Jake and Dian and they’re newbies. They’ve been here a little while but they had kind of a little initial struggle like a lot of people do when they get in. So what’s the end goal?

Jake: I think we’re looking to you know get somewhere in between 10-15k a month. We’re looking at that as a residual income so our time can be freed up. We have conversations with contractors all the time but to get our time freed up, that’s what we desire so we can spend more time with my first ministry – my family. From there, us together, as a family. You serve ministry for free. If they pay me, fine. If they don’t, fine. I don’t even care. I just wanna tell people about Christ. That’s just what I’m created to do. To spend time with people. To build relationships. That’s what we’re created to do.

Cory Long: So as you guys were going through this, I know you all had some initial struggles. I wanna make sure for those people out there going: “Man, is this for real?” “Does it work and all that.”

Jake: When I was trying to soak up the training while working a full time job.

Dian: It’s basically like a fire hose.

Cory Long: That’s a lot of information.

Dian: That’s a lot which is an awesome thing to have that much information but yeah, it’s truly overwhelming in the beginning. What step to take next. Where to spend your time. How to even manage your time.

Jake: The thing everybody needs to know about is the fact that it’s okay to be humble and it’s okay to not know what’s going on initially. Because if you don’t know something, ask and nobody’s gonna humiliate you. Nobody’s gonna make you feel like junk because we’ve all been there.

Dian: We’ve all been the… “what is SEO again?”

Cory Long: I know you’ve all had those initial challenges. What do you think flipped it?

Jake: Just seeing how she had plugged in with the coaching calls throughout the week.

Cory Long: Calls make a huge difference, right? Tell me about the first lead that came through ‘coz I know you just got your first client the other day.

Dian: Okay, so it came through and we still had the calls coming through us. We’re like filtering them basically. We called back. We ended up with 5 leads and we were sending them to him. I was just like “This day is about to rock and roll.”

Cory Long: If somebody started and they’re in the same boat as you guys are in, what would be your advice to settle the curiosity.

Jake: This is something I’ve talked to youth about before. Be willing to bare some of the anxiety because I have a lot of anxiety early on. I was like, man, what am I gonna do. And I thought I knew what I was doing when I was getting into this but I don’t know if this right right now. Just be willing to come back. Just keep coming back. You don’t have to put in X amount of hours per day to be “successful” at this. But just your staying power. That’s gonna make the difference.

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