What The Texas Snow Teaches Us About Business

Man, what a crazy month February was for us Texans!

Never in my life would I have guessed I’d see something like this.

Me and my wife were practically stuck in our frozen RV…

No water, no electricity, no propane…

And to get more propane I had to stand in line for 45 minutes in 15 degree weather!

However I’m definitely not complaining here.

So many people had it far worse.

There are those that have no family or anyone to check on them or help them.

Those that are completely stranded in homes that weren’t built for this type of cold..

It hasn’t been pretty.

On the bright side though.. is that I’ve been feeling incredibly grateful lately because of all this.

See, thanks to my DSF biz, a big chunk of my income is passive.

Meaning that my entire livelihood doesn’t collapse — even during real emergencies like this one.

I was able to focus completely on getting my RV back in commission and helping my dad…

Without stressing over where money was gonna come from for those next few weeks.

You see, so many people simply don’t have the resources to keep themselves afloat.

They couldn’t work… high electricity bills headed their way… some had no choice but to stay in a hotel.

But for us, all these extra expenses weren’t much of an issue.

Even something like the $90 it cost to fill two propane tanks was something I didn’t have to think twice about.

In the past, that $90 would have been devastating to me.

But now… I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am.

So with that said, here’s the lesson in all this:

Building a business is hard. It’s why most people give up.

While some businesses are definitely easier than others, it takes time, effort, and dedication no matter what.

But you know what’s even harder than that?

Dealing with unexpected things like this that bring your entire life to a halt.

Stressing over where the money’s gonna come from while you can’t get to work.

And worrying about how you’ll feed your family if things don’t get back to normal ASAP.

The good news here though…

Is that which “hard” you live through is a choice.

Of course, you can never truly prepare for real emergencies like this.

But having my business in place let me get thru this much easier than others.

And if anything, all this craziness has only made it clear to me that I need to put even MORE effort into my business…

To build up a stronger base and more income streams, to make sure that me and my family are covered for any and all situations like this in the future.

Will it be “hard” to do that? 

You bet.

Will it be easier than having my entire life collapse during the next big disaster?


So.. which “hard” are you choosing?

Just something to think about…

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Your brother in Christ,


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