Is DSF only for ministers?

Hey there,

There’s a question I’ve been getting a lot lately…

So I figured I’d answer it here in case you have it too!

“Is DSF only for ministers?”

Short answer is.. Nope!

Inside our community of Digital Tentmakers are Christians from all walks of life.

And the program is perfect for just about anyone who wants more freedom, more control over their finances, and a business they can use to help others!

I talk a lot about ministers in my post only because that’s how this all started.

At the time I had just stepped out of youth ministry after 17 long (but amazing) years…

And when I first started getting results with this business..

The first people I shared it with were other ministers who wanted the same things as me:

  • A way to fund their ministry themselves (no more fundraising)
  • A way to provide for their families without spending time at a job
  • Work they can do from anywhere to freely follow the missions they’re called to!

But again, these days the Digital Tentmaking Mentorship Program is open to all 🙂

The only things we look for in those who are interested in joining us…

Is that they’re hardworking, ready to learn, and bring a positive attitude.

Hope this helps!

Enjoy the rest of your day.



P.S. If those qualities I mentioned sound like you…

Then chances are DSF would be a great fit for you and your family!

If you’re interested, all I ask is that you book a free 15-minute discovery call just so we can chat about it.

There are no obligations or commitments…

And we simply want to see if, based on your current goals and obligations, that joining our group would make sense for you.