This is the advice I wish I got 10 years ago

I’ve said this a million times before…

But there is no “secret” behind building this biz.

No magic skills that one person has, and another doesn’t.

It’s all about showing up every day.

Putting in the work.

And being consistent!

But here’s the thing…

If every day is ‘up in the air’…

It’s going to be very, very difficult to build up any consistency.

See, where a lot of people go wrong…

If they simply ‘wait’ for that perfect time in the day to strike them like lightning.

That moment where all the stars align…

Where motivation is suddenly through the roof…

And they can sit down and work on their biz like it was the only thing on earth.

Sorry to break it to you my friend…

But those moments don’t exist!

And even if they did…

Waiting around for them is NOT a recipe for success.

You might as well just play the lottery!

This is why I believe there’s huge power in carving out a set time for yourself every day.

And this is something I’ve seen MANY super success entrepreneurs talk about too.

Schedule a specific time to sit down and put a little work in.

Maybe it’s every morning at 5:30.

Or every evening after dinner at 7.

Maybe on Mondays it’s 5:30AM, on Tuesdays at 7PM, then on Wednesdays it’s back to 5:30AM.

Maybe it’s for an hour a day… 30 minutes… or even just 15 minutes.

Whatever it might be, it doesn’t matter.

All that does matter…

Is being consistent.

Now look, I know there’s no getting around it:

It’s tough establishing consistency at first!

As humans we’re horrible procrastinators.

And we lean towards being ‘comfortable’…

Rather than go out of our way to do or learn something new.

Again, by no means is that directed towards anyone in specific.

It’s just human nature.

But what I’ve found myself over time…

Is that once you push through the pain in the beginning, and get your consistency built up…

It’ll eventually start feeling harder to NOT work on your biz!

It becomes like a habit.

Like taking a shower. Or running outside to grab the mail.

You’ll start feeling like something’s MISSING on the days you skip out!

See, the same way we can build up a habit out of anything else.

We can build up a habit out of the business too.


Do you have a set time every day that you sit down to work on your business?

If not, my ‘challenge’ to you is to find one 🙂

And again, no need to go overboard holding yourself accountable for 2 hours a day, or something crazy like that.

Even just 15 minutes a day will make a HUGE difference.

Because 15 minutes a day, over the course of an entire year…

Adds up to be a lot more time than say an hour, that’s randomly tossed in every now and then.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

Blessings Always,


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