“Entrepreneurial Spirit” is Overrated

Hey there.

Every now and then I get asked by someone if they need to be an “entrepreneur” in order to succeed with DSF.

Or with any biz for that matter!

And it’s a great question.

Because while learning the skills inside the program is one thing.

There IS a ‘business’ side to things as well.

And if you neglect that business side…

Well, let’s face it.

It’s going to be VERY difficult to start earning any income!

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re the world’s best painter.

You’ve practiced for years…

And have refined your skills to the absolute maximum.

But if you don’t have the drive to put your artwork out there…

Put your paintings up for sale online.

Get known in local art communities.

Make phone calls to art galleries and museums.

If you simply neglect all those different things…

What do you think your chances are to ever earn a buck off your paintings?

Yeah, not too great!

But here’s the thing:

While for some people that ‘drive’ is much harder to find than others…

(And for many, they feel like they don’t have it at all!)

What I honestly do believe…

Is that everyone DOES have this drive inside them.

They just don’t realize it!

And I say this from personal experience…

After working with hundreds of students inside DSF over the years.

There’s been so many people that join, and simply assume they’re going to fail from Day 1.

Because they’re afraid of making sales calls.

Scared of promoting themselves and their services.

Worried about getting rejected by business owners who might not be interested.

But you know what I’ve seen happen time and time again?

The moment that student lands one small deal…

Even if it’s just a “small” $500 setup fee for a website…

It’s like they become a completely new person overnight!

All of a sudden they’re all-along for the ride.

Their confidence skyrockets.

The ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ has taken over in full effect.

Even though they never believed they had it in them!

And so here’s what I’m trying to say with all this:

If the ‘entrepreneurial’ side of things is what’s holding you back from getting started…

Or if it’s what’s holding you back from moving onto the next module…

Do NOT let that be the deciding factor.


Because I truly believe this spirit is built over time.

And while sure, it’s definitely stronger in some people than others…

I would be very surprised if you didn’t have it somewhere deep down too 🙂

It’s just a matter of getting started…

Putting in the work at the beginning…

(Even on those days where you really don’t feel like it)

Building up motivation…

And letting it eventually shine through!

Don’t count yourself out just because you don’t feel like a natural-born Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

Your ability to do amazing things is in there somewhere.

Even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

Ok, that’s all I got for you today.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day 🙂

Your Brother,

Cory Long

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