Do you want to build a business with integrity?

Is in knowing what’s ethical and what’s not.

Because unfortunately…

Most people just aren’t gonna tell you the truth.

They’re only gonna tell you whatever it takes to get you inside their program.

And when you find out it’s just full of sleazy, unethical sales tactics?

And that the ‘strategies’ inside are hardly based on actually helping others?

Too bad.

Those people will tell you “it’s just the way things are”.

Or “if I don’t do it, someone else will”.

But you know what?

I don’t buy that junk.

Never have. Never will.

I believe you CAN build an online business with integrity.

That’s based on wanting to help and serve others.

And I see proof of this almost every day inside DSF.Hey there!

One of the HARDEST things when it comes to building an online business…

In fact, Zach Coder just shared an amazing story inside our group.

He got a call from one of his clients…

Who asked him what other niches he operates in.


Well the short story is, a friend of this client had been struggling with his business.

He was trying to do all his marketing himself…

It was COSTING him more money than it was making him.

And like so many local business owners across America…

What we’ve been dealing with over the past year or so certainly hasn’t been helping.

So Zach’s client called to see if he could help this friend of his out with some marketing services.

(Of course, in exchange for a fair fee!)

What’s amazing about this story is two things.

1. More clients for Zach 😉

There’s nothing easier than referral clients.

It’s like someone walking up and handing you money!

And Zach totally deserves those new clients given how hard he works.

2. The work we do as DSF’ers allows for this kind of trust

Do you think any of the sleazy marketers out there would EVER get a referral client?

Heck no!

Sure, they might be stuffing their pockets…

But eventually, they’re gonna run out of people to rip off.

And this shows the power of having a business with integrity.

It literally makes your job easier…

Because when you’re known as someone who can be trusted.

As someone who can come in and actually IMPROVE the life of someone else?

The business can often come to you!

Not to mention…

Zach was ecstatic that he could hang up the phone feeling GOOD about the conversation he just had.

He can’t wait to get to work…

To make a positive impact on someone else’s business and life.

And that’s how business should be.

This is also why I say all the time that, if you’re not inside the program…

It’s time to get off the sidelines!

Business owners all over America NEED the help we can give them as DSF’ers.

And unlike so many other groups out there…

Success here isn’t just about ‘making money’.

It’s about helping others succeed too.

So that as a community and as a Nation, we can all create better lives for ourselves and those we love.

Ok, that’s all I got for you today 🙂

Thank you for reading!


Cory Long

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