Our SUPERPOWERS as Kingdom Entrepreneurs!

Hey there.

One thing that’s been on my mind lately…

Is what it means to be a Kingdom Entrepreneur.

And specifically how it gives us a huge advantage when entering the marketplace.

An advantage that most simply don’t have.

Let me explain…

Why do most people get started in business?

Or chase after big promotions and fancy job titles?

Well, I don’t mean to sound too harsh here…

But for alotta of people it’s all about status.

They want money to change how others see them.

They want flashy cars and luxury clothes to ‘improve’ their image.

Now, don’t get me wrong..

Do I like having nice things?

Of course I do!

But the difference is they don’t define who I am.

If I lost everything tomorrow, I can honestly tell you I’d be fine.

And this is our superpower in being Kingdom Entrepreneurs!

We have a greater purpose to think about.

And it helps keep our businesses moving in the right directions.

This is why I believe Kingdom Entrepreneurs often succeed, where so many others struggle.

(Not that any of this is easy – far from it!)

It’s just that when there’s a true “reason why” behind your actions.

Be that leaving a legacy for your children.

Living the “laptop lifestyle” and getting to do the things you love.

Having the means to spread the wealth and help those in need.

Things like this are powerful! And give you a way to move through the tough moments.

Whereas the people who are only in it for the money, the cars or the clothes…

Well, when they realize it takes some serious work just to get a few flashy objects?

They lose motivation and quit just as fast as they started.

Now, a lotta people out there might argue that business is “evil”.

Or that it’s not right for Christians to earn “profits” from a business.

But I think that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Here’s one way to look at it:

Where do you think a million dollars would best be placed?

In the hands of one of us – where we could use those resources not just to improve our own lives, but also make a HUGE impact on the Kingdom?

Or in the hands of someone who’d take that money and hoard it for themselves…

Never doing anything to help anyone else at all?

Again, let me be clear..

Starting a business ain’t easy.

And neither is learning any form of highly valuable skillset.

But for us, we can remember that all our actions serve a higher purpose..

And suddenly a lot of those challenges and roadblocks that seemed huge to us at first…

End up being pretty small when we look at it from the bigger picture 🙂

Alright! That’s all I have for you today.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Talk to you soon,


Cory Long

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