How To Quit Your Job Today? Start a Recession-Proof Business

The thought of starting your own business can be an exciting and empowering one – with the ability to quit your day job and pursue something more meaningful. But in these unpredictable times, finding the right business ideas in a bad economy that is recession-proof can be overwhelming.

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about a recession-proof business that has enabled me to live in an economic bunker and how to quit your job today to do something that has more impact to the Kingdom.

Business ideas in a bad economy

One of the most profitable and recession-proof businesses that I have discovered is internet marketing. This can be done through blogging, creating websites, or searching for affiliate programs that pay out very well. Even with an economic downturn, people will always look to the internet for information and products they need. So with a little bit of hard work, you could easily make a great income from blogging and doing internet marketing.

Another way to make money in a bad economy is by selling products online. You can create your own unique product or sell other people’s products through affiliate programs or dropshipping agreements. This allows you to reach a larger audience without having to put up any of your own capital upfront.

Lastly, if you have a unique skill set or the ability to provide services, then freelance services can be a great way to make money in an economic recession. As we have seen these past years, more and more companies are outsourcing their work to freelancers worldwide. This means that you could potentially make a great income by providing essential services to most businesses like web design, copywriting, or even virtual assistant tasks.

The #1 way to earn in in an economic downturn

Right now in America…

  • Credit card debt is at an all time high.
  • Almost half of people earning 6-figure salaries still live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Over 60% of people don’t have more than $1,000 in savings.

Safe to say, and I imagine this isn’t news to you…

The “traditional” ways of earning a living to support your family just DON’T cut it anymore.

Which I’m sure is why you started looking for a new way to make money…

…eventually stumbling across me and Digital Storefronts.

But hey, let’s put DSF on the side for a minute.

Because I want to share what is hands-down the best way to earn a comfortable living in the “new” economy.

And it’s even more simple than you might think.

Acquiring a highly-valuable and in-demand skillset.

See, if your skills can bring $100/hr, $500/hr, $1000hr or more in value for your clients…

You’re not going to have an issue earning enough to provide for your loved ones, grow your retirement accounts, and donate to worthy causes.

But if your skills are only worth $10/hr, then that’s all you’re going to make.

So until you raise your own VALUE…

You’re gonna struggle making the income that will get you to your goals.

Now, here’s a little “bonus” tip for you.

Get a valuable skillset that people need in ANY economic situation… 

…and you’ll be set for life!

This is what makes DSF so powerful, for example.

Local business owners will always need to get word out about their services too.

Which is exactly what we help them with.

Not too long ago I started up an epoxy business and that’s thriving too.

Because, guess what…

People and businesses need their floors redone even during economic turmoil!

These are just 2 examples.

But I’m sure by now you get the idea.

The bottom line is, we’re moving into a value-based economy.

And sadly… 

We’re going to continue seeing those who don’t have value to provide getting pushed out.

So all I can say is, start raising your own value now.

This way you and your loved ones can remain comfortable in any economic climate.

Believe it or not, there are many skillsets you can equip yourself with that’ll let you thrive in any economy.

The only problem…

Is that most of them take years to learn, alongside big startup costs and expenses.

That’s why for Christians like you looking for a new way to earn, and create financial independence during these crazy times…

I recommend Digital Storefronts!

Don’t get me wrong, this takes time and investment to get going.

But nothing like the majority of what else is out there.

What recession proof businesses do well and make good money?

Not all businesses suffer during economic downturns and it is possible to make money when recession hits if you focus on offering products or essential services that are of significant value for your customers. Furthermore, by being aware of current market trends and understanding customer needs during a recession, you can be better equipped to launch or pivot an existing business.

Is Digital Storefronts: Built to last?

Fear and scarcity are spreading like wildfire these days.

And so maybe you’ve been wondering..

Is there anything out there that could let you provide for your loved ones and build His kingdom…

…in any economy?

You’re not the only one who has their doubts.

In fact, one of my newer students came to me with this question the other day.

And it shows how fear and scarcity have taken control – even of those we’d normally trust for sound advice…

best recession proof business to start

And in case you’re thinking I’m biased, since I do run the DSF program after all…

A few others quickly jumped in too, to call this kind of mentality out!

Digital Storefronts is recession proof

See, the truth is…

There are always opportunities to try new things, grow, and live out your dreams.

No matter the economic situation!

I believe our God is a God of abundance.

Not one of fear and scarcity.

Wouldn’t you agree?

And above all…

It just doesn’t make sense to let those who’ve never done what you’re trying to do tell you it’s not possible.

Because I can practically guarantee you it is…

And our community of over 1,200 Christians from all walks of life is a testament to that!

I firmly believe Digital Storefronts is the best skillset for Christians to thrive… in any economy.

Countless students of mine, including Zach who you saw above…

Actually grew during the pandemic!

I also have countless new students who’re coming in and working hard at this…

…and seeing amazing results even during this economic crisis.

Hold steady to what YOU want out of life.

No matter what others have to say about this, that, the economy, and who knows what else.

What makes DSF a recession-proof business?

The majority of business owners we help run with DSF are small businesses that are family-owned and service-based.

Usually these are businesses like…

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Concrete workers
  • Kitchen remodelers
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Fence builders
  • Handymen
  • And so many more…

These are all honest, hardworking people that are great at what they do…

But they just don’t know how to get new customers in the door using the internet!

And given all the shut downs and how much business has shifted online this past year…

You basically HAVE to know how to do that these days in order to get by.

So, the work we do as digital tentmakers is needed now more than ever, because we’re providing these small business owners with the means to reach new customers..

But since these types of businesses will always be in need..

(Economic slumps won’t stop people from needing a handyman or a plumber, for example!)

We get the added benefit of security for our business and our families no matter what else is going on in the world.

Plus by providing these essential service in our communities, we also get to..

  • Help that business owner provide more for their own family too
  • Secure our finances by providing a valuable service to someone else, in exchange for a fair fee
  • Spend more time serving because each digital tent requires little to no maintenance work!

Typically, a recession-proof business requires a lot of training and expertise. 

You can’t just wake up one day and decide to be a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, etc. 

All of those things take years (and lots of money). 

But with Digital Storefronts… You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this. 

Even my teenage daughter has a small Digital Storefronts business she runs for spending money — she actually bought a new Jeep with her own money from her DSF biz. 🙂 

How does a bad economy affect DSF businesses?

I need to get something off my chest and frankly, it’s kinda embarrassing.

I feel a bit guilty about this…

I haven’t thought much about the economy in years.

I basically live inside an economic bunker.

And that’s because my DSF biz is almost entirely recession proof!

We didn’t see any dips during the worst months of pandemic lockdowns…

There’s been no sign of things slowing down over the past year or 2 either.

Despite all those warning us of economic meltdown.

Actually, now that I’ve got my Epoxy biz up and going too…

business ideas in a bad economy

…things are only looking better and better!

Do you want to hear the crazy truth?

2020 to 2021 has actually been a GOOD year for those who got Digital Tentmaking skills!

Even though so many business owners (including online businesses) have sadly taken a hit…

So here’s my point:

The American Dream is still alive and well for those willing to work for it.

Where you can build something meaningful, write your own paychecks…

And be responsible for your own family’s future.

That is how to quit your job today…

I’ve even been able to send my daughter to her top-choice college, for example.

Cover my wife’s MS treatments without thinking twice about the cost.

And in general…

Have enough tucked away for retirement that I don’t gotta think much about IRAs, 401Ks, or how the stock market’s doing.

I know we’ll be able to live out the rest of our lives comfortably because of the work I put in.. simple as that.

And I’m doing all this smack in the middle of one economic “crisis” after another!

Now of course, I don’t live under a rock…

I know things aren’t great and thousands are suffering – losing their jobs, their homes, and their livelihoods…

And so yeah, sometimes I feel a bit of guilt.

But then I remind myself, I’m doing this for Him. I’m doing this to build the Kingdom. I’m doing this to serve and bless others. 

And there’s no possible way we would have the impact we do, if all the above weren’t also true. 

How to quit your job today and make money?

Do you dream about the day you can replace your 9-5?

“Dear BOSS, I regret to inform you that…”

If you daydream about the moment you schedule a meeting with your boss, to sit down and tell him you’re quitting for good…

Then read this 👇

how to quit your job today and make money

As you can see for yourself…

Hundreds of Christians all over the country are finally WAKING UP!

Building a way to quit their jobs, and take back the freedoms they were meant for.

If reading Angela’s story has got you feeling motivated – like you gotta do something right now to move closer to your goals…


And consider a few key things Angela said before doing anything else:

  • “This is not a get rich quick scheme.”
  • “It takes work and dedication.”
  • “I have sacrificed personal time and sleep.”

Now, if you’re OK with those things…

Then by all means capitalize on that motivation and do something – anything! – to walk towards your ideal lifestyle.

After speaking with thousands of Christians across the Nation…

I’m getting a clear, consistent message from them…

They’re tired of handing over 40 hours a week to build somebody else’s business.

… especially when that business has nothing to do with building the Kingdom. 

Like they’re not living up to the potential Christ has locked away inside of you.

Let’s change that together.

Get clear on what your role as a Kingdom builder is.

And don’t be afraid to think BIG!

I have some students traveling the world building churches.

Another is donating entire vehicles to families who can’t afford them.

Others are simply pouring massive financial resources into worthy causes that are underserved.

So again, what’s YOUR role?

Think about your answer and write it down.

Over the past decade or two of your life, I can only imagine you’ve been busy…

– Raising a family

– Working hard and providing for your loved ones

– Building a sound financial base

But along the way, have you ever thought…

Is this “normal” lifestyle that everyone accepts holding me back from building the Kingdom?

See, at a certain point it’s worth it to ask…

When are you going to reclaim your freedoms and get back to feeding sheep!?

How to quit your job today?

If you’ve ever thought like this you’re not alone.

In fact the #1 thing I hear from Christians these days…

Is that they feel trapped in their current lifestyle.

They dream of doing His work, and blessing hundreds – maybe even thousands of lives…

But when you’re working 40+ hours a week for someone else, sitting in traffic and always thinking about the bills…

It’s normal to feel like you’ve got no energy left to do the things you love.

Maybe that sounds familiar?

If so…

What’s gonna change!?

Right now with inflation going crazy…

More and more people freezing through winter…

Families going hungry because they can’t afford groceries…

People need Christ’s kindness more than ever before.

I asked you above what your role here on His earth is.

So now, I’ll ask you one more question…

When are you going to get back to Kingdom business?

I’ll leave this here just for you to think about, but by no means do you have to do anything with it.

Digital Storefronts has already given myself and hundreds of others an ethical way to buy back their time.

And live out their lives in service of the ministries they hold dear!

Want to see what that looks like in action?

Watch this: