A small tip for earning more $$ online…

It’s no secret that prospecting is probably the hardest part of this business.

Harder than the “tech” stuff.

Harder than building and ranking websites.

And believe it or not…

Even harder than learning how to be a “marketer”.

But you wanna know where alotta people are sabotaging themselves…

And LOSING potential clients right from Day 1?

It’s how they appear on social media.

Because platforms like Facebook are a great way to try and find clients.

But what alotta people forget to consider…

Is what kinda first impression does your profile make?

Let’s say you’re trying to pitch business owners on a small deal.

Something like $500 a month.

That adds up to $6,000 a year!

Does your profile show that you’re someone who can charge $6,000 for a service?

Of course, I’m not telling you to treat Facebook like it was LinkedIn or something…

But still – it has to show that you’re a professional!

Because first impressions are everything.

So you MUST be intentional with what your profile says about you.

That includes your profile pic, header, description, job info…

Even including the posts you make.

When a potential client lands on your page…

It must be obvious that you’re someone they can trust.

That you’re a professional who provides REAL marketing services.

For example…

I’ve seen 20-something kids with red solo cups in their picture try and pitch business owners on expensive marketing services.

(NOT inside DSF, thankfully…)

No matter what that person is like in real life…

Even if they’re a really great and trustworthy person…

That kinda pic is NEVER gonna earn them anyone’s business.

Not only does it not build trust – which is essential to making a sale…

It destroys it.

And personally, I’d be clicking off their profile LONG before I ever thought about giving them a penny.

Let alone $5,000+.

This is an extreme example.

But the point is, you gotta ask yourself…

What does your profile say about you?

Of course I’m not saying you have to hide who you are!

But when the impression your profile gives can be directly responsible for money in your pocket?

It’s easily worth the 10-15 minute it might take to clean things up.

And make sure your profile is BUILDING trust.

Rather than losing you potential business.

Hope this helps 🙂

That’s all I have for you today!


Cory Long

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