Why planning only holds you back

Hey there.

I’ve been working on some really amazing stuff lately.

More ways to help Kingdom-driven entrepreneurs make a living online.

And help them buy back their time & freedom to do the things they feel called to!

And so what I’ve been thinking a lot about lately…

Is what’s probably the NUMBER ONE mistake people make when they join DSF.

Or probably any other program out there too for that matter.

And it’s that right from Day 1… 

They get all bogged down in trying to think 20 steps ahead.

For example, before even knowing the first thing about building a DSF site…

They’re already worrying about things like clients, invoices and taxes.

Don’t get me wrong… I think it’s great when people want to know that side of things too!

But at the beginning?

It hurts way more than it helps.

Jumping into the program can already be overwhelming for alotta people.

So you’re shooting yourself in the foot by thinking so far down the road!

The advice I always try to give people when I can…

Is to simply focus on ONE thing at a time.

You don’t need to understand the entire picture – at least not at first.

Plus you have to consider…

I put the entire program in a specific order for a reason!

So when I ask my students to TRUST me, and follow my instructions…

It’s because I’ve already been where most of them are now.

I had to figure a lot of this stuff out on my own, the hard way.

And as a result…

The programs I put together are designed to help you SUCCEED.

Every module, every video, and every update is created with that goal in mind.

I know sometimes our curiosity gets to us.

And we wanna jump around and find out everything.

But trust me – the key to success inside DSF?

Is to trust the process, and go one step at a time.

Ok! I have some work to get back to 🙂

So that’s all for today.

Talk soon!


Cory Long

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