Are you building a LEGACY for your children?

“In every family there’s ONE person that changes the family tree.” 

I heard this quote the other day…

And it stopped me dead in my tracks.

It made me think.

Because while yes – I got started with my biz for a bunch of reasons…

Like financial freedom, time freedom, and funding my ministry.

But one of the reasons I don’t talk about often, was the idea of building a legacy.

To create something I could leave behind for my children, and maybe even their children too.

Not only so that they’ll be better off than I was…

But to also SHOW them you don’t just have to follow the ‘normal’ opportunities in life that everyone else does.

It’s a shift in mindset!

And like I mentioned with that quote…

There’s usually ONE person in every family who makes this change.

The one who works hard to leave a legacy…

And who makes it so that generations to come are better off.

I think we all have dreams of being that person who makes the shift in our family tree.

But the sad truth is…

A lot of people with those dreams of having a business, or doing something different…

A lot of them give up.

They quit.

Because they realize for them…

It’s “easier” to just stick with what they already know.

By no means is that meant to be an insult.

It’s HARD to start something new and unknown!

But unfortunately, for all those who quit too early…

What they forget to consider?

Is the impact their work and business could’ve had on future generations.

Because again, it’s not just about creating a better life for ourselves.

Or making a bunch of money.

It’s about leaving a legacy.

And making sure that those who come after have better opportunities.

You could be that person who changes the family tree.

It ain’t gonna be easy…

And it’s gonna involve trying things that are new and unfamiliar.

But when your children, and your children’s children can all be better off because of it?

Well, it’s worth every second of the effort if you ask me.

Just something to think about.

Anyways, that’s all I got for today!

As always thank you for reading, I appreciate your time 🙂

Talk soon.


Cory Long

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