Why I never plan on “retiring”

It seems like all people want these days – especially the 20 and 30 somethings when it comes to building a flow of passive online income… 

Is to make bucket loads of money then never lift another finger.

But we are warned against this in scripture time and time again!

“A sluggard’s appetite is never filled, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”

But of course, when it comes to retirement…

After 30.. 40… 50 years of clocking in and out of a corporate job – no one’s gonna blame you for wanting to quit that lifestyle for good.

Taking it easy for the rest of your life after retirement.

But what if it didn’t have to be like that in the first place?

What I mean is, what if you…

– Enjoyed your work so much

– Earned enough passively that you don’t have to “retire” in the first place

– And had enough free time right now to do the things you love

…that you didn’t even have to look forward to the golden years.

Because you’re already living out your dreams right now!

This was the kind of lifestyle I craved when I first got started online.

See, I wasn’t looking to “cash out” then go sit on a beach somewhere.

I wanted to buy back my time…

So that I could use it to serve, travel, donate, volunteer, and bless others.

In other words, I wanted to do less of some corporate boss’s work…

And a whole lot more of His work!

Including being a provider for my family, and being there for my daughter as she grew up and went through school.

And now that I’ve achieved this lifestyle, I’ve got no intentions of “retiring”.

At least not in the traditional way.

Because there will always be those in need of His kindness…

My family will always need me to be there for him…

And besides, I like what I do with Digital Storefronts anyways!

So listen, if this is the kind of lifestyle you’ve been craving too…

Why not take the next steps with me and see if this is a fit?

Hundreds of others from all walks of life have made this work.

And as long as you’ve the work ethic, and are willing to chip away at it over time…

(not expecting to become a millionaire overnight)

The chances are high you could make this work too.

So, what do you say?

I hope you found this email useful anyways, even if it’s just a bit of extra motivation that you CAN go out and build the life you dream of.

Your Friend and Mentor,

Cory Long