What’s your WHY?

Hey there 🙂

One of the questions I always ask those who’re interested in DSF…

Or those who say they want to start a business or other venture in general…

What’s your WHY?

What’s really pushing you forward behind the scenes?

Having a strong WHY can be the best motivator in the world.

It keeps you on course.

Stops you from getting distracted.

And when those moments of doubt creep in…

Those moments when you ask yourself…

“Wait a sec… what the heck am I even doing all this work for??”

You can take a step back and remember…

“Oh, right! THAT’S why.”

Maybe this “why” is that you want to provide more for your family.

Or if you’re like me, it’s all about freedom.

To have a life where I can pack up the RV, hit the road, and serve wherever I can.

For many others, it’s that they simply want to share their gifts with others…

And be a source of positivity in today’s crazy works.

There’s tons of amazing “whys”!

And none are better than any other.

It’s totally different from person to person.

But what I do recommend to anyone who’s on the fence about starting a business.

Or doing something different, or outside the norm in general.

Is to make sure that reason “why” is true and honest.

See, those who start a business simply because they want the money.

Or only because they want the followers and the fame…

They don’t have a real answer when things get tough.

And things always get tough.

So they quit.

Or even worse…

They hop from one thing to the next, looking for magic bullet solutions.

Because they’re not sure WHY they’re even looking for more in the first place.

They don’t know what it is they’re actually after.

So I definitely recommend you spend a little time getting clear on your “why”!

It might sound simply, but it makes a huge difference.

Alright, that’s all I have for you today 🙂

If you already know your reason “why”…

I also recommend you write it down!

That way it’s always there as a reminder, and to help guide your path forward.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Your brother in Christ,

Cory Long

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