What to do with Christianity in decline…

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you…

But Christianity is slowly getting erased from every part of our society.

And just the other day I saw an alarming stat that made me realize just how bad it’s getting.

It was how the Southern Baptist Convention lost more than 450,000 members in 2022 alone.

Almost half a million people. In just ONE year.

And it was recorded as the largest drop in membership in more than 100 years.

With these kinds of numbers, it’s no surprise it’s being reported that Christianity is set to become a minority religion in America…

Potentially within the next decade.

But what can you and I do to slow this down?

Well on one hand, there’s a simple answer.

That we should spend more time loving our neighbors, doing unto others as we’d have them do unto us, giving more to those in need instead of those who only want to further oppress us.

But the big problem for most Christians I know – even the ones who genuinely want to do all these things…

Is that they don’t have the time!

And between the office, traffic, and giving whatever they have left to their families…

Most Christians I’ve met over the years are what I call “time poor”.

But imagine the lives you could bless if, instead of being stuck in an office…

You spent the bulk of your time volunteering? 

Donating and helping out worthy causes?

Or even building churches and going on mission trips?

The impact would be huge…

Because every single person you help is someone who might see the way of Christ.

And THAT’S how we turn things around to save Christianity in America.

So listen, if having the freedom and abundance required to bless others is something you’ve dreamt of…

What’s it gonna take to go out and take action?

People out there need hope now more than ever!

And as Believers it’s our responsibility to share His kindness.

So what are you going to work on to build a way to have the resources to do it?

Something to think on.

Your Friend & Mentor,

Cory Long

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