How to beat inflation in 2023

In the rest of this email I want to give you an almost too-simple solution to inflation.

One that, instead of only ever having you budget your current resources…

Could have you gaining an abundance of them.

Here it is:

Give yourself a bigger raise each year than the rate of inflation!

Hear me out..

If you figure, the inflation rate right now is hovering around 5%.

So if you’re not boosting your income by at least 5% year over year…

You’re taking a pay CUT.

But of course, in 99% of normal jobs…

At best all you get is a 2 or 3% “performance bonus”.

And sometimes, they only even give you a small fraction of that.

But what if you could take your finances into your own hands?

…and essentially write your own paychecks?

Here’s what that looks like!

A $21K/yr “raise” that Darin gave to himself! (and his wife)

Would an extra $21,000 alleviate some of your worries about inflation and the economy?

Actually, forget the $21K.

If you could sit down at any moment and put in the work – and in return make whatever number you needed to feel comfortable…

How would that change your outlook on the future for your family?

Now of course, Darin didn’t get there overnight…

I’ve known him for a long time (5+ yrs) and his work ethic is second to none.

But the reward for all that hard work is paying dividends.

– He works when he wants

– He works where he wants

– He earns what he wants

No more depending on others for a paycheck…

One that year over year, only nets you less money thanks to inflation.

If that’s the kind of situation you want to be in too…

Then it’s time to say enough is enough!

Right now there are plenty of ways out there to build an income online.

Thousands of people have been successful with DSF and even a few other models too…

So what’s stopping you from getting started?

If that makes you a little uncomfortable… good 😉

Because building a new life takes trying new things.

…and above all stepping outside our comfort zones.

I can only hope and pray that soon you’ll step outside of yours, and try something new for the good of your loved ones.

Your Friend & Mentor,

Cory Long

P.S. While I believe DSF is hands down the best way to ethically obtain a multiple 6-figures online income…

…potentially even growing to 7-figures too…

There are many other ways to get that kind of lifestyle.

Some good. Some bad. Some are ethical… most aren’t.

But which one is right for you?