What are you working towards this month?

Hey there.

Quick question for you 🙂

What’s your GOAL for this month?

You do have one.. right?

This is something I always recommend to my students.

To not just think about the “big” things you want to work towards…

Whether that’s leaving your job, retiring your spouse, or funding your ministry.

But to also set small, achievable monthly goals that’ll keep you on track to actually do all those “big” things!

If you wanna shoot for the moon, that’s great.

And you totally should!

But at the same time…

Setting goals that are too far ahead of where we are now usually HURT, more than they help.

Because they don’t give us any clarity on what are the next steps we should take.

I truly believe that success in this biz, and probably with anything else in life…

Is about making small – yet consistent steps…

And to keep building momentum, to the point where nothing can slow you down!

So with that being said…

There is NO goal that’s “too small” or “insignificant”.

Even things like…

“Go through 3 course modules”


“Reach out to 5 potential clients”

These are amazing goals to have!

And it’s a great place to begin building.

Because after the month of simply reaching out to 5 potential clients…

You’ll have a better hang of things, and next month you can shoot for 10!

And on and on it keeps growing from there 🙂

So again, if you don’t have a goal set for this month…

Make one!

And I highly recommend doing it at the beginning of every month.

It helps you see that you’re making progress.

And keeps you moving in the right direction!

Even if the goal you have in mind seems ‘silly’ or ‘too easy’…

It DOESN’T matter!

So if you don’t have a concrete goal for this month already…

Here’s my “action” step for you to take once you’re done reading this email:

Think of a goal – ANY goal to work towards during this next month…

Then write it down.

And then, at the end of month…

Come back to it and see if you’ve accomplished it!

If so, cross it off and set your sights on the next milestone 🙂

And if not, that’s OK too!

Sometimes we miscalculate, or life simply gets in the way.

But this is an amazing chance to re-evaluate, and see what’s more realistic to accomplish for the next month.

Then write down that updated goal and try again!

Like I say all the time, there’s no such thing as failure here.

It’s just a matter of trying something enough times until you get it right.

Ok, hope this helps!

Because that’s all I have for you today 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Blessings always,

Cory Long

Digital Storefronts

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