Are you becoming who God is calling you to be?

We ALL have different beliefs and ideas we tell ourselves.

About the world, about our communities…

And most importantly – about ourselves.

We tell ourselves we’re not capable.

That we’re not “cut out” for it.

Or that we don’t know the first thing about business or marketing.

This holds true for plenty of small things too!

We tell ourselves we “don’t have the time”.

Or that today we’re “too tired”.

But if we want to be successful…

If we want to build something GREATER than ourselves…

And if we want to be who God is calling us to be…

We must throw out these old beliefs and habits.

Because it’s impossible to grow and make progress…

If you’re still holding on to the “old” you – who’s probably got a ton of beliefs and bad habits that’re holding you back!

And I say this from experience, both as a business owner and a coach.

I had TONS of “head trash” I had to deal with while building my business.

And for my students, it’s only when they finally overcome their own personal “head trash”…

That their biz takes off and they NEVER look back!

Anyways, short email today…

But before I let you go, I want you to think on this quote I came across recently…

“You can’t be who God is calling you to be AND hold onto the same habits and relationships. Growth requires pruning; trust Him and the garden of your life will flourish.”

Thank you for reading 🙂

Blessings always,

Cory Long

Digital Storefronts

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