Want more freedom? Start doing THIS!

If in the past you’ve tried to build a way to have financial freedom in life…

But every time you put a foot forward, it feels like the adversary gets in the way.

…pulling you immediately 2 steps backwards…

Here’s a quick tip that’ll help you overcome this in the future.


Look, if you know the kind of lifestyle you feel called to…

Providing for your loved ones and taking care of Kingdom business…

You simply cannot let anything stop you from getting there.

No waiting for all your ducks to be in a row…

(Because they never will be)

And no giving up the minute you hit a new challenge you’ve never faced before.

(Because there will be tons of them!)

You see, I’ve built my DSF biz to over 7-figures and it had nothing to do with how “smart” I am or having previous experience.

I knew what I needed, so I went for it.

…deciding beforehand I wasn’t gonna let anything pull me down.

In fact I even had a new student of mine say to me the other day, while we were talking about why he always failed in the past…

“I wasn’t stubborn enough like you to make something work!”

So whatever you do next, whether it’s DSF or something else entirely…

Be stubborn.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope this helps.

Your Friend and Mentor,


P.S. On top of being stubborn, I believe a huge piece of success is having a sound support system to lean on.

That’s why our community of over 1,000 like-minded Kingdom Builders is at the heart of DSF!

Because when things get tough, and our commitment wavers…

They’re the ones who’ll keep you on track and tell you to keep going.

Will it guarantee your success? Of course not. Nothing ever will. But in my personal opinion, it drastically your chances compared to not having it.