Are you feeding the sheep?

One of my favorite stories is John 21.

When Jesus asks Peter to give up being a fisherman, and calls him back to shepherding.

“Do you love me more than these?”, Jesus asks him. 

Peter says, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.”

And so Jesus replies back… “Feed my lambs.”

You see, Peter was given a very specific call that day.

And so the question I have for you today is…

When will you follow YOUR call back to shepherding?

Maybe you’ve spent the last 10.. 20… 30 years building a successful career and working hard.

Raising a family.

And taking care of everything else that’s part of everyday life.

…but when are you going to get back to Kingdom business?

I have a student who just moved their whole family to Africa to build infrastructure for local communities because they have the means to do it.

I’ve got another who’s messaging me and asking questions about his business while on a mission trip in Honduras.

And another who’s donating entire vehicles to families who can’t afford them.

So.. are you feeding the sheep too?

If not, that’s ok.

None of this is made to make you feel “bad” about it!

It’s only to help you realize that, if you’ve got visions of impacting hundreds.. maybe even thousands of lives…

Maybe it’s finally time to start building a way to get there.

I’ll leave you to think on that, because that’s all I’ve got for you today.

As always thank you for reading, and talk soon.

Your Friend and Mentor,

Cory Long

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