To anyone who’s ever felt imposter syndrome starting a business

Imposter Syndrome is a huge issue in what we do.

It hits all of us.

Myself included – even after 5 years in this business!

Usually, we’ll be moving along, just getting our work done.

And all of a sudden we’ll get hit with that thought of:

“Wait a second… What the heck am I doing? I’m no marketing expert!”

Or just as common, we’ll pause and think…

“Surely someone else is more qualified.”

But here’s the thing.

There is no “qualification school” for online marketing!

High schools don’t teach this stuff.

Neither do top-flight colleges and universities.

Everyone who’s “qualified” in this industry…

Simply put in the work and learned as they went!

See, there’s no magic moment where we finally know everything there is to know.

Where we’re suddenly “qualified” and can now reach out to clients and get them amazing results.

It’s all a constant learning process.

Plus, the truth is, if you’ve studied online marketing for just a few hours…

You already know more than at least 90% of business owners!

Because one, most business owners make the mistake of overlooking their marketing completely.

“Build it and they will come…”, as the old saying goes.

Unfortunately these days, that just doesn’t hold true anymore.

But then the problem is, the business owners who DO want to build up their marketing…

Simply don’t have the time!

Think of it like this:

If you just spent all day out in the hot sun…

Building a fence, pouring concrete, or installing a new roof…

Do you think you’d EVER come home thinking…

“Ooh goodie! Now I get to play around with marketing!”

No way!

And that’s why it doesn’t take much at all to be “qualified”.

And while you’re early in that process of learning on the fly…

What you need to remember is this:

What might be a small win compared to what some of the “big guns” in marketing are getting…

Is probably still a HUGE result for your client.

And that’s all that matters in the end, right?

Plus, as you move along, you’ll only get better!

And that’s the big “secret” behind all of this.

The people who are considered ‘qualified’ or ‘experts’…

Are simply the people who stuck it out longer than everyone else.

They didn’t come in with fancy degrees.

Or with years and years of marketing experience under their belts.

They just stuck it out, trusted the process, and learned as they went!

So before I wrap up this email, here’s what I want you to remember:

Any time those feelings of imposter syndrome kick in…

Think about how everyone else who’s ever been successful in marketing…

At one point or another was EXACTLY where you are now!

The difference maker was simply that they kept going, rather than giving up.

Hope this helps 🙂

Because that’s all I got for you.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Your brother in Christ,

Cory Long

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