PART 2: This is all just a skill

Hey there.

I wanted to follow up from my last email.

Where we talked about how DSF is simply a skill that anyone can learn.

Because I’ve spoken to probably hundreds of people over the years…

Who felt that even though they could learn how to have their own online biz…

They didn’t feel like it made the best use of their gifts.

Now, let me be clear with you here…

By no means is tech stuff the kind of gifts He gave me!

I’ve always struggled with computers…

But sometimes, I think it has to be seen as a sort of trade-off – at least a temporary one.

For example, one of my gifts has always been leading and guiding others.

Even all the way back in high school…

I was always the guy that everyone came to for advice!

From girls who’d just been dumped, and needed a shoulder to cry on…

To guys who had it rough at home, and needed someone to talk to, to relieve some of the stress.

This is what led me to full-time ministry…

And why it was such a perfect fit for me.

And so for a while, there’s no doubt I felt guilty…

Leaving full-time ministry.. to try and start a business?!

It even still sounds crazy now.

But here’s the thing:

What I realized is that, if I stayed in full-time ministry forever…

My reach to help others and really make a positive impact on this world would’ve always been limited.

I knew that ministry and guiding others were my true talents.

(And NOT messing around with websites and marketing on a computer!)

But I had to put those talents of mine aside temporarily…

In order to build something greater.

And eventually come back to using those talents on a much greater scale!

So the point is, sometimes we need to zoom out and look at things from a bigger picture.

Maybe building a successful online biz doesn’t feel like a direct use of your gifts.


Would that successful biz give you the freedom to use those gifts in other areas of life?

Sadly, most people spend the bulk of their lives working 40 hours a week.

And NEVER get to spend time doing the things they feel called to.

But say you spend only 15-20 hours a week working on your biz…

(Which as a HUGE bonus, can be done from anywhere, and on your own time!)

Then spent the rest of that time doing the things you love…

Would that be worth the trade off?

I’d certainly say so!

And honestly, we have many DSF’ers who look at this biz just like that – a tool!

A tool that gives them the means to spend more time with the family.

Plant churches.

Or travel around in an RV like me.

So if like so many others, you’re worried that ‘business’ may not be the best use of your gifts…

What I ask you to remember is that all this stuff – business, money, etc…

It’s all just a vehicle that gives us the means to do the things we truly feel called to.

Hopefully that makes sense…

Because that’s all I got for you today 🙂

As always, thank you for taking the time to read!

I hope this was helpful.

Your brother in Christ,

Cory Long

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