Not sure who to trust online? Here’s my advice…

Hey there,.

How are you 🙂

As the DSF community keeps on growing, one thing that’s been on my mind lately..

Is how the number of false teachers out there these days is, well…

A little depressing.

See, one of the biggest problems I see right now, especially when it comes to online business…

(It’s why you have every right to be skeptical about DSF or any other program…)

Is that a lot of these “guru” trainers aren’t even doing what they teach!

Sure, they might’ve been using that model or those strategies 1 or 2 years ago…

But most of them quit when they realize it’s easier to make money as a “coach”…

Than to continue running whatever their actual business was!

I guess I can’t completely blame them though…

Because the problem is, alotta their ‘systems’ were likely flawed in the first place.

And this is one of the things that makes DSF and Digital Tentmaking so powerful:

You get to leverage results — NOT time!

See what I mean?

Your success as a Digital Tentmaker isn’t based on how many hours a week you spend pluggin’ away at your computer.

It’s based on how well you help your clients!

And it doesn’t matter whether providing that help takes you 5 hours or 5 minutes.

If it were all about simply ‘making money’…

There’s tons of programs out there where you can stare at a computer for 50 hours a week and make a killing.

But that’s not why I got into online business.

And it’s not why I started teaching Digital Tentmaking to others.

The whole purpose here is to have the time & resources to do more, serve more, and give more.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping my students get the same results as me!

Because I know as more people like you and me take on greater stewardship…

We’ll be able to make a bigger impact on the Kingdom than we ever thought possible.

This is also why, unlike most other “guru” trainers out there…

I’m still ‘in the trenches’, actively running my own DSF biz!

It’s a model that can be so easy to maintain…

Plus I feel an obligation to my students to keep up with everything that’s changing anyways.

I mean, if you were going to pay someone to learn a new skill from them…

You’d want them to actually be using that same skill themselves, right?

Things change a mile a minute online.

And so not only are all these false teachers blatantly deceiving their students, which is obviously not ok in itself…

But maybe even worse, is that they’re putting their students at a HUGE disadvantage.

Because they’re not really gonna be on top of what’s working and what’s not.

And any big changes risk leaving you stuck with nowhere to go for help.

So whether you’re considering DSF, a similar program, or maybe something else altogether…

Just be careful who you follow.

The last thing you’d want to do is invest in something that maybe works right now…

But will be obsolete in 6 months because Mr. “Guru” stopped using the skills he’s “teaching” you long ago.

And has no clue how things are changing in the crazy world of the internet.

Ok, that’s all I got for you today. I hope this was helpful.

Thank you for reading!

Your brother in Christ,

Cory Long

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