How To “De-Stress” When Life Gets Overwhelming

Hey there friend.

Look, sometimes life can get overwhelming.

Between our families, churches, ministries, jobs, and on the list goes…

Sometimes it just feels like we have so much on our plate and couldn’t possibly handle anything else.

But then… that something else comes along anyway and presents an entirely new challenge!

So people ask me all the time, how do I manage to balance my business and my ministry work so well?

Well to tell you the truth, it’s something I’ve worked at for many years now.

But even then, by no means am I perfect!

Even though my Digital Tentmaking business doesn’t require much effort on my end these days…

I’d be lying if I told you that I don’t still feel stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious sometimes.

So here’s two big pieces of advice I’ve learned over the years:

First, if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed — especially if you’re trying to build your own tentmaking business like mine…

Sometimes it’s better to just step away and take a break.

Which is easier said than done…

Because so often we feel like we owe it to ourselves and to our families to get the results as soon as possible. 

We feel obligated to push through and get things done.

But the thing is, creating a real, sustainable business like this is a marathon.

Not a sprint!

There are no bonuses in finding your first client tomorrow versus next month.

So to succeed in the long run, again it’s sometimes so much more helpful to take a rest.

And instead, go enjoy something else! Spend time in prayer, read that book you’ve been wanting to get around to, or even just watch a movie with the kids!

These kinds of activities can recharge us in so many ways…

And I bet you’ll be amazed how much easier your work feels once you come back to it.

Now, the second piece of advice I have to give you…

Is to simply zoom out and look at things from a big-picture kind of view.

So often the obstacle we’re currently facing seems insurmountable.. Like we just can’t figure out a way past it.

But when you zoom out and look at the whole picture…

And see the entire path from where you started, to where you are now, to where you’re trying to go…

Those big and frustrating obstacles quickly turn into tiny little bumps in the road!

Taking a minute to remind yourself of the long term goal and refocus on what it is you’re working towards can serve as an amazing refresher.

So if you ever feel yourself feeling a little bit stuck, just remember this:

Take a break, enjoy something else, and try your best to see the whole picture 🙂

Have a blessed day,

Your brother in Christ,


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