Frequently Asked Questions

A. Budget 30-45 minutes. But, if for whatever reason you realize this isn’t for you, even if it’s just 5 minutes into the call, feel free to say “Hey, this isn’t for me.” and we’ll end it right there.No hard feelings.

A. Not at all. Using the Whisper Method I detailed above, you can actually do everything right from your computer.

A. Nope, this isn’t an MLM or pyramid scheme. You’re not recruiting anybody. In reality, you could build this business without ANYBODY knowing what you’re up to. And only unveil it once you’re at a level that you’re comfortable sharing what you’re up to.

A. 100%. While I had an entrepreneurial family myself. I’ve been able to take all of my knowledge and plug it into this coaching. So even the least “business-minded” have been able to make this business model work with my guidance.

A. All businesses have risk. It’s a fact. Anybody who says their business is risk free is lying in order to get money. However, the costs to get started with this are extremely low. And once you get into the swing of things, can recoup your investment for every Digital Storefront within DAYS!

A. 100%. MOST of our successful students had full-time jobs while getting this up and running.

A. Realistically on your first few, you’re probably looking at 5-6 hours in total (you can do this over a few days, a week, a month… up to you). But, once you’ve done a few, you could bang them out in a little as 2 hours.

A. Yep. I’m not tech-savvy at all. Honestly, WordPress (the most tech-savvy you need to be in this entire process), is very similar to working in a Word Document. On top of which, if you’re approved for our coaching you’ll get an over-the-shoulder-look as I build these sites so you can easily follow along.

A. It really comes down to your work ethic, on how fast you setup the sites and start looking for tenants. However, you CAN see a return within the first week. As the total investment to build your Digital Storefront is roughly $200. Since you rent it out for $500-$1,500, you’re immediately profitable in the first month.

A. We’re constantly in the group answering your questions. But you’re also surrounded by others who were where you are now, who are now where YOU want to be (that’s a mouthful!) And they’re always happy to help.

So questions, or roadblocks that you run into that you think are impossible to figure out… are easily overcome within minutes when you get an answer from someone who’s run into the same problem and learned how to overcome them.

We’re not going to give this to you and say, “See ya!”, we’re in your corner for as long as you need us.

A. I 100% understand. We’re all busier than ever.

But, the training is structured so you can go at your own pace. So if you want to tear through it and have your first Digital Storefront up by the weekend. Then by all means.

If you want to stretch it out and have your first one up in a few months. You can do that too.

But ultimately, the goal of this program is to allow you to operate at your own pace, and get the most YOU need out of the program to reach YOUR goals.

Whatever they may be.

A. As long as they have the internet and meet the criteria for “Picking the Right Street”. Then there’s absolutely no reason it won’t work. This applies to any country, and any language!

A. Let’s take out the obvious, and the one we’ve covered in detail in this letter… most people are teaching how to build Cash Grabs.

Not businesses.

Apart from that, one of the biggest differences I see is the fact this is a model that exists in the real world with great success. Commercial Real Estate investing.

There’s very little difference in what we’re doing. We’re merely taking it online to tap into an opportunity that very people have seemed to clue into.

In comparison, many of the online business models taught ARE ONLY online businesses. In that, they can’t and wouldn’t exist outside of the internet.

I’d personally rather go with the model that’s proven effective for centuries.