Do you dream about the day you can replace your 9-5?

If you daydream about the moment you schedule a meeting with your boss, to sit down and tell him you’re quitting for good…

Then read this 👇

As you can see for yourself…

Hundreds of Christians all over the country are finally WAKING UP!

Building a way to quit their jobs, and take back the freedoms they were meant for.

If reading Angela’s story has got you feeling motivated – like you gotta do something right now to move closer to your goals…


And consider a few key things Angela said before doing anything else:

  • “This is not a get rich quick scheme.”
  • “It takes work and dedication.”
  • “I have sacrificed personal time and sleep.”

Now, if you’re OK with those things…

Then by all means capitalize on that motivation and do something – anything! – to walk towards your ideal lifestyle.

And I invite you to consider DSF, just like Angela did too.

What do you say?

I won’t ask you to make any commitments until you’ve seen everything for yourself.

Instead, all I do ask…

Is that you jump on a free Discovery call with a member of my team – so that we can go over everything and see if this is a fit.

And hey, it might not be!

But by taking the time to chat with us about the program, and potentially joining our community…

You’ll at least be taking action.

I hope today’s email has got you feeling fired up 😃🔥

Your Friend and Mentor,

Cory Long