Christians who tell you this are LYING

In many Christian circles there’s a common LIE that gets passed around.

Maybe you’ve heard it too?

“Business and Faith don’t mix.”

Now of course…

If your “business” is an MLM (aka pyramid scheme), selling junk products on Amazon, or cheating and deceiving others in order to make a buck…

Business and Faith definitely don’t mix!

But thankfully these days, there are plenty of ways to earn online that are ethical.

So to say business and Faith outright “don’t mix”…

Just isn’t true.

And besides, what’s the alternative?

…a 9-5?

What’s so ethical about that?!

Especially considering how in most cases…

You’re just trading away your time to some faceless corporation.

…who’s only goal is to make more money – no matter what it takes.

Never giving back to the communities they operate in… or doing just the bare minimum in terms of charity work.

(Even though they’ve likely got billions tucked away in overseas accounts.)

Doesn’t sound all that ethical to me!

Now, on the other side of that… 

Here’s an amazing example of Faith and Business pairing perfectly.

Last year I started an Epoxy business down here in Texas…

One of my latest “clients” was Glorieta Adventure Camps.

A Christian summer camp that takes kids hiking, biking, swimming – all sorts of outdoor activities to let them see and experience God’s natural creation!

I came in and laid some new flooring, which they were long overdue for…

Giving them a better deal AND higher quality of work than they would’ve gotten elsewhere.

And here’s something else incredible.

Since Digital Storefronts is all about helping local business owners gain more visibility online…

(because more visibility = more clients)

Countless students of mine have used this skillset to help local churches too.

Giving them a way to attract new members and spread His word!

…which is critical work considering how Christianity as a whole is in decline here in America.

So look, despite what others might tell you…

Faith and Business can mix perfectly.

And if you’ve been questioning where you want to go next in life…

Or if you’re surrounded by those who poke holes in your dreams, rather than cheer you on…

I hope this email helps you see that you ARE walking the right path.

And that your dreams are just as righteous as anyone else’s!

Your Friend and Mentor,

Cory Long