What FAILURE means for Christians

One thing I preach to all my DSF students, in order to help them succeed in their online journeys…

(And in general to anyone who wants to achieve big goals in life)

…is to “fail forward”.

What I mean is.. failing is a GOOD thing!

If you do it in the right direction 😉

See, when it comes to something like picking up a valuable new skill – then heading out into the field to work with clients…

It’s impossible that you’ll know how every single part of it works beforehand.

You HAVE to figure some of it out as you go.

And while you’re doing that, it’s perfectly OK to mess a few things up!

Alotta people would call that “failure”.

But, in the long run…

All those little lessons give you the experience you need to be really, really good at what you do.

And that’s why you can’t be afraid of them.

One of my newer students Micky is a perfect example…

Does Micky know everything about building DSF sites… ranking them… and speaking with clients?


But he’s figuring it out as he goes.

And the reward for that approach…

Is that he’s already got 2 clients.

…in just 9 days!

Whereas others might spend years in front of the computer, “learning” how things work…

But never seeing any results because they never took action.

See what I mean?

If so, then make a promise to yourself:

In your next endeavor – whatever that might be…

You’re going to come at it with a “fail forward” attitude.

Never afraid to mess things up. And always looking to learn.

Do that, and it’s next to impossible you won’t hit your goals one way or another.

Your Friend and Mentor,

Cory Long

P.S. Micky is just one of countless stories where, thanks to the no-judgments community we’ve built inside DSF…

Newcomers are “failing forward” and seeing amazing results.

Because they’ve got an entire family of like-minded Christians to lean on!