The Power of Taking On Greater Stewardship!

Hey there,

Things like money can be a touchy subject in many of our communities.

Especially when it comes to starting a business, or entering the marketplace…

A lot of us carry this notion that the only way to serve is through the ministry.

Or that things like business and money are flat out evil in and of themselves.

Here’s a recent example I’d like you to consider though:

One of my first ever DSF clients was a charter bus client nearby in DSF.

I’ve been happily working with them for over 5 years now.

(If you read my last email, it’s the same one!)

The past year has been really tough on them, to say the least.

And even though I’ve been helping them by offering my Tentmaking services for free…

They’re still stuck in a position where they need to sell some of their assets, in order to unload debt and bring in some extra cashflow.

Then, just the other week…

The church I helped fill in for this past summer reached out to me.

And they told me they’ve picked up 50 new kiddos for their weekly youth program!

Problem was…

The only means they had to transport these kids was a single van and an old 15 passenger bus…

But the bus was in such bad shape that they can’t even drive it anymore.

Now, what they were going to do was put out a request to find a used van, hoping that maybe another church could donate one.

But instead?

I reached out to my charter bus client to see if he knew of any good deals in the area.

And that’s when he told me he’d be happy to sell off some of his own busses!

So not only did the church get a reliable bus that’s perfect for their needs…

But when I told the owner of the bus charter business it was going to be used for church purposes…

He was generous enough to sell the bus for $15K LESS than he would’ve listed it online for!

So all at once…

This business owner gets the means to salvage his business — AND help an amazing cause…

While the church got to purchase a new luxury bus, something they never would’ve been able to even think about buying.

A true win-win for everyone involved.

It’ll bless both of these people…

All because some years ago I decided to start my own DSF biz!

And this is exactly why I can’t agree with those who say business in itself is “evil”.

I mean, sure…

Those who are selfish and want to horde all the money in the world for themselves probably shouldn’t enter the marketplace!

But if you’re someone who has kindness in their heart…

Who wants to take on greater financial stewardship — to spread that wealth and impact the Kingdom on a much greater scale…

Things like business can be an amazing vehicle to make that happen.

See, thanks to DSF, not only am I able to still serve just as much as I used to when I was a full-time youth minister…

But now I also have the means to help churches, charities, organizations and other business owners in more ways than I ever could’ve imagined!

Whether that’s financially, by offering my help and service free of charge…

Or by simply being the link between two people who needed each other’s help!

And the best part is?

I hear these kinds of amazing stories from my students almost every day.

How the work we do as Tentmakers is blessing their family, the Kingdom, and the lives of so many others.

This community truly has grown into something more special than I ever would’ve thought at first.

Anyways, that’s all I got for you today.

I guess the point here is…

Don’t believe the notion that things like business or money are evil in and of themselves.

As long as we see them the right way:

Simply a vehicle to be able to help others and build the Kingdom — nothing more…

They can truly be amazing things.

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

Your brother in Christ,

Cory Long

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