The Best Tentmaking Advice I Ever Got…

Here’s some of the best advice I ever got when I first started with digital tentmaking:

“Not every client is going to see the value in what you do. But don’t let it get to you. Sometimes it’s best to just keep moving along and see how you can help the next person you cross paths with.”

Without a doubt it hurts getting told no by a potential client.

Especially when all we’re trying to do is help them with our work!

But sometimes the people we want to provide our services to just don’t want or need our help at that moment in time.

And while it can be frustrating, what we must do is respect their decision.

In fact, when a potential client tells me they’re not interested in working with me, here’s how I usually respond:

“Ok, no worries! Would it be alright with you if I followed up in say, 1 month, to see how things are going?”

You see, there could be a hundred reasons why the business owner on the other side might not want to commit to working with us.

Maybe they’re tight on cash. 

Or have a lot going on in their personal lives. 

Maybe they just enjoy figuring things out on their own!

Whatever the case, I’ve learned over the years that it’s always better to accept their response…

Rather than try to get “salesy” and try to push anything on them.

We don’t like it when people try to do that to us, right?

Plus, there are always others out there who are in need of our skills and services..

So sometimes it’s better to move on and focus on them instead!

What I’ve also found is that when I make it a point to accept that potential client’s decision, even if it’s a “No”..

I think that this helps them see that I’m not just after their money!

And so a lot of these clients that at first say “no”…

They’ll end up emailing me a month or two later, telling me they’re interested in working together now!

So the point is here, don’t get too caught up with clients who might not recognize the value you’re providing them.

And definitely don’t let it get to you!

Everyone has their own unique ways of operating their business…

So all we can do is show others our ability to accept and understand it.

Trust me, since everyone else out there in online business is trying to force their products and services onto others…

You’ll be a breath of fresh air to any business owner.

Even if they’re not looking to work with you at that exact moment in time!

Well, that’s all I got for today.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated or discouraged getting a “no” from a client, then I hope this helps.

Blessings always,


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